Yesterday I Ate Lots Of Cookies

Like these! (YUM.)

We spent the day shooting two more baking segments in the studio kitchens in Connecticut before heading back to the rainy city. They went swimmingly, and of course I’ll post them here once they’re up!

Once again, Chauntelle worked wonders on my hair, making it look like I had about six times the amount that I actually do. Her volume-creating technique: she told me not to wash my hair in the morning (slightly dirty hair is easier to style), and then used a large-barrel curling iron on each section to give the ends a bit of flip. She then teased each section at the roots before wrapping it up in velcro rollers and letting me wander around for awhile (we had to travel from the hotel to the set). I got some weird looks from the businessmen in the lobby, but hey, what can you do?

After we arrived on set, she removed the rollers and gently brushed the top layers to smooth them out, and then pinned back one side, as pictured above. Last step: she used the handle of a rattail comb to tease up the crown just a touch more. I don’t know that I can recreate this kind of volume at home, but I loved it loved it, so I’m certainly going to try.

P.S. I’m not crying in that photo above – I had just put in eyedrops. In fact, I’ve been using eyedrops constantly (even waking up a few times each night to put them in) ever since my corneal abrasion, which is still – still! – bothering me. I have a doctor’s appointment in my future…but does anyone have any advice in the meantime? Early in the morning and towards the afternoon, when I get tired, my eye starts burning and puffing up underneath, and cold compresses and eyedrops only help temporarily. It’s both uncomfortable and not-so-cute-looking, and I’d really like it to go away. Have any of you experienced anything similar?

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