Henri Bendel Jewelry

Can I just say? That this stuff is SPECTACULAR (especially for the price).


I rarely go to Bendel’s (can’t afford, mostly), but yesterday Dad and I were wandering around on 5th Avenue doing some (very; can we have a medal?) early holiday shopping for Mom, and I sort of dragged him in, mostly because I think it’s just a fun, beautiful place to window-shop.

But the jewelry.

The jewelry!

Clockwise from top leftKing Tut Stud Earrings ($58); Multi-Stone Bangles in Rose Gold ($98 for three; for SERIOUS?! they look exaaaactly like these infinitely more expensive ones that I spotted at Bergdorf’s a few months ago); Large Stone Hoops ($68; with striped cubic zirconia stones…who even knew those existed?!); The Vintage Ring ($78; dying with want).


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