Oh, Young / First Shoot Ever

I just yanked my old portfolio out of storage to snag some pics a colleague requested, and came across this: my very first headshot from my very first shoot, when I was 12.

I think I was the only girl in my elementary school who didn’t want to be an actress when she grew up: I was not performative at all, and was usually the one sitting in the audience at my friends’ plays with an enormous video camera perched on my shoulder. But one day a director who lived in our apartment building asked me to audition for a Honeycomb cereal commercial, and I got the part (remember those “Honeybucks” spots? Me.), and then I got an agent, and there you go. I did a little modeling for Ford starting at age 14 – hence the portfolio – but was pretty much done with that part of my life by 16 or so, once it became clear that my growth spurt wasn’t taking me beyond 5’6″ (I did walk a runway once, though, which was pretty much the funnest thing ever).

The real question: where in the world did those freckles head off to? I don’t see them anywhere nowadays, and I would really like them back.

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