Father’s Day / Lakeville, CT Day Trip

For Father’s Day, Dad and I got in his car and drove up I-95 towards Connecticut. Our destination: Lakeville, where my friends Jeremy and Eric have a home, and the neighboring town of Sharon. It’s sorta far – about 2 1/2 hours each way with traffic – but worth the trip for the gorgeous drive alone (rolling hills, babbling brooks, moo-ing cows, etc).

We stopped for a lunch of (quite excellent and unique) sushi rolls and onion rings at The Boathouse, which, oddly enough, is not within sight of any boats or bodies of water, but is one of Jeremy and Eric’s top picks in the area.

Other suggestions for dining spots in and around Lakeville: The Woodland, which serves up a diverse menu in slightly more upscale surroundings, and Manna Dew in nearby Millerton, which offers organic food and (sometimes) excellent live music.

We didn’t fish – way too hot – but wanted to, so at least our hearts were in the right place. For great fishing spots in Connecticut, click HERE.

  • Aw you and your dad are cute! Wish I could've been with my own but he lives overseas. Cherish every moment!