MTV’s Hired Screening

Last night, Carla and I swung by a screening of MTV’s new documentary series, Hired, which follows recent college grads as they navigate the process of trying to secure their first “real” job. It was totally fast-paced and fun to watch, and in addition to being entertaining, it actually gave helpful tips on how to get a freaking job in this economy. Which is advice that I suspect we could all use a dose of.

Above, I’m with SheFinds‘ Eileen and Rebekah, both of whom are featured in the show (each episode shows job hunters vying for a position at a different company – everything from a personal training firm to the Warren Tricomi salon). SheFinds is essentially an online fashion directory: the editors scour the web to create amazing, one-of-a-kind buying guides, and then direct you to the stores that carry the items you want (often including great discounts and coupons).

The event was a blast, largely because I got to spend some time chatting with producer extraordinare Noah Scheinmann (who I first met at the Hired event I attended with Nadine…to which I just realized I wore almost the exact same outfit) over Given tequila, which – swear to god – may be the best tequila I’ve ever tasted. Served over ice, it tastes more like a cocktail, really, even though all that’s in it (besides tequila) is a little lime infusion. Straight tequila that tastes that good makes me nervous.

MTV’s Hired premieres Monday, May 17, at 6:30PM.

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