Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you, Mama.

This picture was taken on Halloween when I was…three, I think. When fall came around that year, Mom asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween: “A fairy princess? Anne of Green Gables? A ballerina?”

“A house.”

“Are you…sure?”


So Mom made me a house costume, which consisted of a painted and folded cardboard box that slipped over my head, and was quite cool, actually. Unfortunately, it got in the way of my trick or treating, so off it came. Good thing I had a helpful reminder of my costume painted directly onto my cheek.

This is another of my favorite pictures of Mom and me ever; I was about three years old, and it was taken at one of those “Old Time Photo” stands in a carnival somewhere. I remember getting to choose what I wanted to hold, and selecting the fan and the umbrella: they made me feel totally grown-up and special.

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