The Reel Inn

I suppose it’s kinda (really?) a tourist trap, and it is absolutely unreasonably expensive…but whenever I’m in LA I try to get to The Reel Inn if at all possible. The garden out back is just such a blissful spot: to your left is the Pacific, and to your right are the green, rolling hills of Malibu.

And right in front of you? Why, that would be Nadine Jolie! On Saturday afternoon, Kendrick and his giantess (weird photo angle, I know) met up with her for a little catch-up (because it’s been ages). Seriously, cannot get enough of this girl. Kendrick and I have been considering moving back to LA, and it’d basically be worth it just to get to hang out with Nadine all the time.

The food at The Reel Inn is totally unspectacular, but I think their ordering system is pretty fun: you just select the fish filet you want from a big case filled with the day’s catch, and they’ll prepare it according to your specifications. (I’ve been trying to upload Kendrick’s actually very cool photo of his Cajun-style Mahi Mahi for about half an hour now, and I give up. Gogo InFlight Wireless does not want this photo on the Internet, apparently.)

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