Pumpkin Soup. Done Poorly.

So the pumpkin soup experiment went…badly. It looked OK, but the pumpkin was supposed to come off the sides and didn’t, leaving me with basically a milk and chicken broth soup. Mmm.

What did I do wrong? I just looked up a few recipes for pumpkin soup cooked in the pumpkin to see if I missed a step…and…I have no idea what happened. Maybe a smaller pumpkin would have worked better? Maybe I just didn’t cook it for long enough? Megan says she wants to try making this, so let’s see if she fares any better.

Update: A few readers have written in to say that I cooked it at too low a temperature, but every recipe I found said to cook it at 180…and the lowest temperature on my stove is 250, so that’s what I cooked it at. I think the problem was the size of the pumpkin (smaller pumpkins are better for cooking…this is really more of a carving pumpkin).

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