Ditch Plains “Ditch Dog”

Me in the rain

Once again sans husband for the weekend (I lost him to the recording studio), I ventured out on a rainy Saturday night with Megan. Did I bring an umbrella? Of course not. But my hooded coat kept me relatively toasty. 

We first went to Boom, a wine bar/restaurant on Spring Street, which had two-for-one glasses of wine (any wine on their extensive list) and a cozy, sophisticated atmosphere, and then headed over to Ditch Plains on Bedford Street, which I highly recommend both for its excellent people-watching and for its decadent, homey food (my favorite dish is the “ditch dogs” – one hot dog covered in chili, and a second slathered with macaroni and cheese, pictured above. I wouldn’t eat it, you know, every day, but it is GOOD). They also give you a glass filled with salt water taffy along with your bill, which I imagine increases tips exponentially. 

The photo of me isn’t the best (I’ve been feeling under the weather the last few days, and am paler than usual), but it’ll have to do. 

Ellabee Basics toggle coat (purchased on my last trip to Canada for about $90), Miz Mooz boots, Dooney & Bourke handbag (purchased at the outlet store when I was in high school…and it still looks like new).

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