Where does the name “Ramshackle Glam” come from?

I used the term in a post way back in 2009 to describe a chandelier that I’d spotted in a store, and when I wrote out the words I realized that they just perfectly encapsulated my approach to…well, pretty much everything. My feeling is that style should be fun, and should be all about finding what makes you feel good and feel like yourself – even if the things that you love break the “rules”…and experimentation (and the occasional mini-disasters that come along with taking risks) is a big part of that.

What’s your educational background?

I went to high school at Dalton, and then majored in cognitive neuroscience (basically, the biology of psychology) at Harvard. I’ve also studied at Lee Strasberg (acting), the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (acting), Parsons (fine arts), and University College London (my semester abroad), and have completed half of a Master’s in Hospitality at NYU (a very expensive moment of total career confusion).

How did you decide to become a blogger?

You can read about my (very roundabout) path towards becoming a blogger here.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming bloggers?

Oh yes! Check out all my Blog Advice posts here, and my advice for those in similarly creative fields here.

How do I collaborate with Ramshackle Glam?

Just shoot me an email at jordan@ramshackleglam.com and I’ll point you in the right direction, or contact my management team at Digital Brand Architects (reesa@thedigitalbrandarchitects.com).

How did you and Kendrick meet?

We met on Myspace when I friend-requested his band (I’d gone to high school with two of the members). We went on our first date when I flew to NY for a Fashion Week job (I was living in LA at the time), went on our second date when he came to LA on tour, and got engaged six weeks later, in Vegas. Read more about what all this taught me about love here.

What does Kendrick do?

Kendrick used to be in the band Harlem Shakes, and now attends the Yale School of Management.

Do you disclose whenever you get a free product or get paid to write about a product?

Yes, and I have from the moment I started blogging in August 2009 (pre-FTC regulations). You’ll know that a post is paid for if you see a “Sponsored Post” button and/or a statement clearly stating that compensation was provided by the advertiser (these can be found in the tags at the bottom of a post; you need to click on the URL of the specific post in order to see all of the tags, as I frequently put content “after the jump” to keep the home page experience streamlined and quick-loading).

If I am working as a Brand Ambassador for a company (which is basically a sponsorship that extends over a significant amount of time) you’ll see an image in the sidebar of the home page of Ramshackle Glam disclosing my relationship with the company in question (this is in addition to the disclosure statements in the tags associated with a given post’s URL, which is a bit redundant, but I’d rather there not be any confusion when it comes to relationships with brands).

I indicate products that have been provided gratis by writing c/o in the product info found at the bottom of a post. Many of the “shoppable” links on Ramshackle Glam are affiliate links via RewardStyle, which means that I receive a small commission from purchases made directly from these links (you can tell when an affiliate link is being used because the URL will briefly redirect through something called rstyle.me.)

What’s your commenting policy?

The comments on my site are open – you don’t need to register, and are free to comment anonymously. I choose not to approve comments only when they fall into one or both of these two categories:

1. They display rudeness and/or aggression. Keep things civil, and we’re all good.

2. They disclose my – or anyone’s – personal information (this is a safety precaution).

If a commenter persists in posting inappropriate statements, he or she may be blocked from commenting on the site in the future.

Also, just FYI, comments occasionally get stuck in the spam filter, so if you leave a totally innocuous comment that doesn’t show up, it’s not because I’m in a bad mood. Just shoot me an email, and I’ll fix it!

How do you make a living?

I make a living in a variety of ways, including through sponsorships on Ramshackle Glam, brand ambassadorships with select companies, and affiliate links. I style, photograph, art design and write all of the content that appears on RG, and work with brands providing editorial content (copy, photography, styling, video, etc) that appears both on RG and on various other channels, in addition to doing event appearances all over the country.

I also host segments for a variety of media outlets, and produced, directed and hosted my own decor show, Jordan In The House (for Meredith Video Studios’ DIGS Channel)My first book, Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide To (Almost) Having It All, is being released by Running Press in Spring 2014.

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