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What I’ve done so far today: made breakfast for Kendrick and I (oeufs en cocotte, fancy-pants bacon, challah and strawberries), cuddled with the dogs, not thought for one second about changing out of my pajamas, nursed a slight major headache, and watched Jennifer’s Body and The Game.

New Year’s Eve pictures will be posted in a bit! Might have to watch the Fred Savage masterpiece The Wizard first.


Ruh-roh. That would be Virgil playing with Lucy’s cherished blue bunny. I smell trouble.

This particular toy was an Easter gift from Kendrick to me last year (I think he found it in a Duane Reade or something) that Lucy quickly appropriated, but seriously? I should start mass-producing dog toys exactly like this one. I would make MILLIONS.


Bridesmaids Gowns

I LOVED my bridesmaids’ espresso Vera Wang dresses, and thought they were both sexy and elegant. When you’re going long with bridesmaids’ gowns, my suggestion is to choose a subtler color - vibrant colors on long dresses can be overwhelming, and you don’t want to draw focus from the bride.