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Go Voyaging (And A Giveaway)

Our summer getaways this year are simple – a trip to the Santa Cruz boardwalk, a drive into San Francisco to visit friends for brunch, an afternoon exploring the redwoods in Marin – and so is my summer travel wardrobe. I want to fuss around with what I’m wearing on weekends even less than I want to fuss around with it in my daily life (which is not at all), so I've been keeping what I’m wearing as lightweight and easy as possible, and then just dressing it up with accessories. A loose-fitting top and denim cutoffs with a spectacular bracelet; a flowy dress with animal-print sandals and a bunch of rings; a bathing suit with a dramatic necklace.

If you're traveling a lot this summer, placing the focus on your accessories is an excellent packing strategy: a cute pair of earrings takes up a whole lot less space than (another) pair of sandals, which means that you save lots and lots of space in Ye Olde Luggage.

My Looks

The Good Luck Charms

Just one more month to go!

I talk a lot about how it's fun, when your shape changes as it does during pregnancy, to experiment with different styles, cuts, and shapes than you're typically drawn to. Over the past few months, for example, I've been playing with loose, cropped pants, trapeze dresses, and lots and lots of vests.

But sometimes, especially when…oh everything about your life feels different, including your body (I've sort of reached the "an alien life force has taken over my torso" stage of pregnancy), it's nice to put on exactly the kind of thing that makes you feel like you. While the top and jeans pictured here are new, every single one of the pieces that I'm wearing in these photos fall into the category of one of my all-time favorites.


On Set With Lucky Magazine

On Me: Vince Colorblock Sweater; J Brand Secret Fit Belly Cargo Pants; my own heels. 

(Incidentally, my hair is not blue, nor is it dip-dyed; I have no idea why it looks like it is in this photo.)

I spent all day yesterday shooting a style series with Lucky and Destination Maternity (coming up in a couple of months) and discovering the wonder that is the Secret Fit Belly (that panel that you see in lots of maternity pants that starts at the waistline and goes up over the stomach; it's in the cargos pictured above). I totally didn't get it before - I figured it would be tight, constricting, and generally miserable - and: nooooo. Amazing, and supportive, and so good.

My Looks

Keep It Cool

Old Navy Cropped Linen Pants; Alice & Olivia Heels }

There's a lot going on right now.

Kendrick leaves this weekend (I'm not leaving for another couple of weeks), so we've spent the past three days on the phone pretty much constantly, trying to iron out details. I knew it would be stressful, but it's been interesting to me what aspects of this have stressed me out the most. I'm not especially worried about our living situation, for example: I figure if we all have beds and there is a coffee machine present, we're good. But I expected to be relatively laid-back about finding a doctor and a place to deliver - wouldn't I just end up going with whatever practice was closest to our apartment? - and…I'm not.

My Looks

Jersey Shore

Giving my best gaze-into-the-distance face on Francesca's porch.

Ray Ban sunglasses; fedora ℅ Hat Attack; Forever 21 vest (similar); Nordstrom Rack shorts (similar); Huarache sandals and beach bag ℅ Crocs. 

My Instagram feed this weekend was filled with beach shot after beach shot, so apparently we weren't the only ones who saw an 80-degree day and immediately went looking for a patch of sand. Where we went for an early birthday celebration (my 33rd was on Monday): Francesca's family's place down by the Jersey shore for a day of stick-gathering, swinging, frozen Snickers bars, pasta salad as the sun went down…and a little JWoww, of course (because no trip to the shore is complete without her).

My Looks

In The Evening (Dress)…

Nighttime (meaning cocktail- or black-tie-requiring) events at nearly seven months' pregnant can be tricky.

I try to avoid picking up big-ticket maternity items, since I don't see the point of spending a ton of money on a piece that will  only be wearable for a couple of months…but formalwear presents a bit of a conundrum. When I was about this pregnant with Indy three summers ago, we went to a wedding and I didn't really plan in advance, figuring that I'd just yank some black dress with a bunch of stretch in it out of my closet and be done, but when I went to try on those stretchy black dresses: nope. Not even close. (I ended up wearing a high-waisted maxi that I had bought at a discount store in Canada with the intent of wearing it to my baby shower.)

Recalling this incident, I actually thought ahead for the Yale SOM spring formal and sifted through my closet in search of potential candidates a good week ahead of time…and was pretty excited to discover that two of my all-time favorite evening pieces - my neon BCBG dress (which I also own in pink, because I love it that much) and my retro-looking swing coat, both which are on my Favorites List mostly because they are super-floaty and comfortable whether pregnant or not - are both cut in a way that totally accommodates my new shape.

My Looks

On The Off Days

One of my blogger friends, Jessica, recently put up a post on Instagram asking her readers if they'd also like to see what she wears on her "off" days - meaning her not-technically-post-worthy days - and the resounding answer (and my own answer)  was "YES". Because while I enjoy using style blogs for inspiration on days when I want to dial it up a little, or to figure out how other women handle tricky looks that I'd like to try out myself…to me, what's more important than looking great on my "on" days is finding ways to look great on my "off" days.

Which is, to be honest, kind of…all of them. Or at least a solid 90% of them.

I do occasionally put up shots here of what I wear on more "special" occasions - a TV appearance, a night out with girlfriends, an evening event - but for the most part, my personal style posts feature the kinds of looks that I'm "really" wearing on a day-to-day basis; my "off" days are my days. My goal isn't to blow anyone out of the water with impeccable, cutting-edge, carefully-crafted looks - because I virtually never ever ever have time to do any "crafting" when I'm trying to get out of the house in the morning; we're talking ten minutes to get dressed, max - but rather to show how if you have the right basic pieces and a few fun accessories, crafting might not even be necessary.

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