The Most Calming Living Room I Ever Did See

Our Home Editor, Audrey, takes us on a tour of her gorgeous living room, decorated in calming neutral tones and textures.

Welcome to our living room! While it’s the least-utilized space in our house, it's certainly my favorite from a design perspective. The living room was a huge selling point when we first saw the house back in February of 2019 – I knew there was potential the second I saw the large windows and vaulted ceiling. I also quickly realized that the layout of the room would be tricky.

The living room is long and narrow, with a fireplace in the middle of one wall, a large, arched window in the middle of another, and the entrance to the dining room dominating a third. There was only one wall that could possibly be used for a television, and it took us months to figure out a seating configuration that made sense based on the location of the TV. To make things easier, we chose a television that doubles as art when you aren’t using it. 

During renovations, we did several things to the living room that made it feel more updated and workable: we painted everything white (including the vaulted ceiling beams!), removed all of the track lighting, added 4 wall sconces, laid new hard wood floors, and updated the tile in front of the fireplace. This gave us a fresh start as we started to bring in furniture and décor.

Makeup & Beauty

My Skin Renaissance (And Must-Have Products)


This, so you know, is not my skin. My skin is red, and reactive, and the opposite of even. But between the fact that I (finally) caved and started doing an actual, grown-up Skincare Regimen, and the fact that I - like most of you - have spent the past few weeks going almost entirely makeup-free (not to mention Botox-free and eyelash-free), and slathering on oils and potions like it's a part-time job, because right now it sort

Which has all added up to the best skin I've had in a solid decade. Maybe more, because my 20's were many things, but "a time of thoughtful self-care" was not one of them.

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

In Which I Answer My Own Question About Leggings

Me, 2 years ago, in The Leggings That Died

I'm doing a much better job of getting dressed these days. Meaning: I actually do it! Regularly! First thing in the morning! It's not because I *want* to, exactly; it's because the kids' new school is...well, have you seen Big Little Lies? It's like that.

As an example: On our third day, I had a woman come up to me and ask me whether I owned a pair of oversize round Tom Ford sunglasses.

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