Me and a Tambourine

I’ve never heard any of Kendrick’s original songs before - this really was my first time ever - and I somehow ended up on stage with a tambourine during the one that he wrote for me (go to the 1:00 mark for the song to start…there’s a bit of a debacle searching for the MIA drummer that takes some time to resolve).


MSNBC Appearance (Video)

Finally, my MSNBC appearance (this is the second one). I’m not the savviest when it comes to the web, so yes, it took me three days to upload a video. But I think I have it down now, thanks to Meghan’s very patient play-by-play. In any case, in this clip I discuss Michael Moore’s new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, which explores the root causes of the global financial meltdown and hits theaters October 2nd.


Night-Before-MSNBC Nerves

Night-before-MSNBC-appearance nerves. I was too freaked out to post this video until I was done with my spots (you know, on the off chance I fainted in my seat or something)…but I’m done now, and they went swimmingly, so here you go :)

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