A Stroll Down Memory Lane: 2004 Strong Medicine Episode

OK, so you mayyyy have noticed that I mayyyy have found myself with a little unscheduled time over the weekend, and I mayyyy have spent that time in the company of a very, very old box of DVDs and a DVD ripper. I haven't had an actual DVD-playing computer in years, so this was the first time I'd seen all of this stuff in forever - and my kids, having never before seen their mom acting quite so bizarre, were RAPT.

You can see clips from the OG "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" pilot (the one that was shot before I was replaced; I don't think it was ever aired anywhere, understandably) over on my Instagram, and this episode of Strong Medicine was just too good not to leave right here.

I mean...what is even happening? I have, like, no words.

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I Tried Microblading, And The Results Were Completely Unexpected

Fun fact: I have no eyebrows. I mean, technically they're there, but...mehhhh. It was only when I was about 35 that I finally realized what every makeup artist I'd ever worked with had been telling me for years, which is that eyebrows are everything, and started putting a little effort in - but I've never loved the look of powdered brows, and have always very much wanted some more shape than my limited skills are capable of achieving.

My mom gets microblading done, though, as do a few of my friends, and so - despite the fact that a tattoo ON MY FACE sounded like a distinctly terrible idea - I booked an appointment.

Beauty Tutorials

I Tried Lashify DIY Eyelash Extensions, And Here’s How It Went

Order Lashify here

I have atrocious eyelashes. They're tiny, and thin, and the kind of blonde that I wish the rest of my hair was because it would save me oh, god, so much money in highlights. If you've been reading here for awhile, you know that I'm a huge eyelash extensions fan - I first discovered them way back in 2013, but really went full-obsessive when my daughter was born, because I stopped having time to do anything at all related to my physical appearance, and found that eyelash extensions made me feel better about that.

I've more or less been an eyelash extension addict ever since, with the occasional break or two to allow my natural lashes to regenerate - because even though I haven't experienced major damage from extensions, I've definitely experienced some thinning and loss when I go too long without letting them be for a minute.


There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

Now that is a glamorous image.

Alright, we need to talk about this interview. Unfortunately, what we need to talk about is not its subject matter - and I say "unfortunately" because I do think some very interesting topics were covered, including the dangers of the "having it all" culture we find ourselves in today, why I hate Instagram (HATE IT), and my inability to stop writing about inappropriate subjects - plus lots of other stuff.

But I can't focus on our conversation. You will likely unable to be unable to focus, either. Because you will be confused by my head.


Riddle Oil Valentine’s Day Giveaway

I'm SO. EXCITED. about Valentine's Day this year.

...Totally kidding. The holiday isn't my favorite in a vacuum, but this year it's leveling allllll my Scrooge tendencies up to Defcon 1. But just because Valentine's Day is putting me in a mood doesn't mean I can't use it as an excuse to give you guys one of my all-time favorite products: Riddle's pheromone-based oil (plus their spray-on moisturizer and spectacular face oil). Because, you know, you're my real Valentines, anyway. (I mean that. I love this community. Thank you.)

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