My Looks

My Looks

Just A Little Bit Grey Gardens

When one doesn't really go out all that much, and then suddenly one does get to go out - like on, say, a date night with one's husband where canoodling (!) may occur - it's fun know...dress-up.

And when I dress up, I always like to go just a little bit overboard. LBD and subtly elegant extras? I don't think so. Not now. Not today.

Why? Because it's fun to wear animal print...and glamorous, poofy faux-fur boleros...and chiffon bows...and gold sparkle...all at the same time.

Just fun. That's all.

My Looks

Simple Saturday Style

Over the course of this weekend, I'm posting some of my favorite fall looks created using pieces I found at TJ Maxx. Which basically refers to about 80-90% of my wardrobe this wasn't exactly a tough one.

This outfit, worn to lunch in town and then an afternoon playdate at a friend's place, is a couldn't-be-simpler combo of a cream cashmere sweater and bellbottoms, but what I think makes it interesting are 1) the neckline of the sweater (after I found the cream one, I went back the very next day and bought the exact same sweater in grey, because it's just that great of a piece...and was about 60% less than what you'd expect to pay for a designer cashmere sweater) and 2) that rainbow purse.

Such a find.

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