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The Mom Uniform: Autumn Edition

Let's throw it back to 2019, when I wrote a post that is 2020 in a nutshell if I've ever seen one. (Updated with brand-new outfit suggestions.)

Today's post is a twofer, inspired by a couple of reader questions I received via Insta.

  1. Does comfort and style exist? Can you wear yoga pants but still be stylish? and
  2. I need a Mom Uniform for fall; help me.

The answer to the first question is a resounding "yes," and am certain that it is so, because otherwise I would be naked. There is just no power on earth (except for, perhaps, the possibility of a date with Jason Momoa) that could get me out of the house attired in clothing that makes me feel restricted in any way.

My Looks

A Little Fall Fashion Inspo From Yours Truly

Francesca and I were talking about "fashion these days," and agreed that the overarching theme appears to be "anything goes." T-shirts as dresses, grandpa sneakers, oversized earrings shaped like fruits...anything.

Which, I must say, I think is awesome. And I would also like a little credit for being an early adopter of this development, because please look at that insanity up there. I want to say it's terrible - because it seems like that's what you really *should* say about an outfit that includes shorts over fishnets, animal appliqués paired with faux fur, and a heavy dose of plaid in case all the aforementioned wasn't quite enough...

But I actually think it might be the best thing I've ever worn.

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

Dressing Room Try-On: Madewell Fall 2019

Alright, folks, apparently we have a new feature: The Dressing Room Try-On. I spontaneously did one of these at Everlane the other day, and it seems you guys were into it, hooray! ...But honestly? I think I was into it even more. It just felt like a throwback old-school blogging - you know, the kind I've been all nostalgic about lately - where everything isn't glittery and perfect and staged. It's just fun.

(I had fun.)

Madewell is one of those brands that I forget I love until I go into one of their stores, and then find myself wanting everything. Alas, it's also priced slightly above my "Everything" budget, so I had to keep the actual purchase to One Of The Things (scroll down to see which one I went for), but still: It was all so good.

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