Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

Travel Capsule

I have located the perfect travel outfit. 

Blouse | Socks | Boots (similar) | Sunglasses

Don't you hate it when you spend a lifetime going about something one way, and the way you do this thing is easy and involves no brain cells, and sure, it may not be the best approach on the planet, but whatever...and then all of a sudden someone named, say, Francesca shows up and tells you that you should start doing this thing in a way that requires something approaching work, and so you humor her, only to discover that her way is, in fact, much better?

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

I Followed A Flight Attendant’s Tips On How To Get A Free Upgrade…And They Worked

Now that's how you dress for a flight. 

In the past few days, a few posts have popped up on my newsfeed with “insider tips” from flight attendants; namely, tips on how to be the kind of passenger who gets upgraded. And because today marked the first time I have traveled sans children in a good long while - and you know nobody with kids is going anywhere except the very back of the plane - I figured what better time to do a little experiment and see if I could score myself a few hours of free food and extra recline?

Caveat: I am a Delta Skymiles member, so I have to assume that factors into upgrade decisions. But I’m only a Silver - which really isn’t that big a deal - and I’ve never been upgraded before, so frequent flier status, in this case, doesn’t feel like a game-changer to me.

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

Vogue’s “Top Trends,” With Some Minor Adjustments

Nothing in this photograph makes sense.

Last night I was laying in bed scrolling through my news feed, and came upon this British Vogue article about street style in 2017 and how great it was and how a whole bunch of the trends are sticking around for 2018 because they're SO GREAT and etc etc...and I actually cackled.

The crevasse between my life and the lives of Vogue's street style stars is vast and wide, my friends.

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

Dressy Sweats


There are some things I do not think you should spend more than the bare minimum on. Children's t-shirts, for example: I recently saw an 8-year-old wearing a Gucci logo tee (plus Gucci leather boots and a Gucci belt - all be-logo-ed - just to make sure the point really hit home), and thought to myself jeez, I should really take her mom over to Target sometime because this is just as cute - a sloth!!! on a t-shirt!!! - and doesn't scream "I enjoy putting hundred-dollar-bills in garbage disposals."

Sweatpants, though? Sweatpants are different. "Dressy sweats" have been a thing for awhile now - WOOOOOO - and it's no longer all that hard to find a really, truly great pair of sweatpants that you can wear out of the house (or even out at night - even with heels!) and have it not look like an accident.

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