A Very Ramshackle Glam Holiday

Well, THIS is fun!

Duckbill – the personal assistant service I’ve been going on and on about these past few months – has started offering “bundles”: Basically, groups of related tasks that you can request to have completed all at once. And! They invited me to create my own little holiday bundle – aptly titled A Very Ramshackle Glam Holiday – with everything from book recommendations to read by the fire, tablescape ideas using whatever you’ve got around the house, festive-but-uncomplicated beauty picks, and more.

You can sign up for a free month of the service using code RAMSHACKLE, and request my The Very Ramshackle Glam Holiday bundle here.

Also, just for inspiration, here are a few of the tasks I’ve offloaded to Duckbill over the past few weeks:

  • Finally, FINALLY get my TSA Precheck situation remedied (something that I have inexplicably put off for about ten years despite the fact that I am not an infrequent traveler)
  • Go through all my subscriptions and figure out which ones I can cancel (it’s looking like I can save $50-$100/month this way)
  • Ask Delta what, precisely, I need to do to secure my fancy Skymiles status for 2024 because I am a HUGE brat about such things, and yet cannot for the life of me figure out what all those acronyms mean (MQS? MQDs? POVs? AUGH)
  • Find someone affordable to hang my Christmas lights, because I am not especially tall
  • Assist with graphic design for a marketing-related project (literally would have spent upwards of $500 on this if I had to find an independent contractor, and my assistant had it done to perfection within the day)
  • Make an appointment to get mah nails done, because holidays!
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