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If you missed my chat with Danielle of @mthrco about our most embarrassing parenting experiences, it’s here. Danielle’s story is…just…yeah.

Sloooooowly moving my daughter towards the whole “sleeping in her own room” thing, and I have a feeling this will help.

One day I will have a backyard. And it will have a tiny house. (This A-Frame Cabin Is Available for Less Than $20K, via Dwell.)

Current obsession: Literally everything from Roxanne Assoulin (this anklet! this bracelet! this necklace! ALL THE LAYERING THINGS).

This makes me so happy. (10 Things From Your Grandparents’ House That Are Cool Again, via House Beautiful.)

Never have I ever coveted a mirror quite so badly. Is it normal to covet mirrors? (Meet the New Orleans Artist Behind the Design World’s New “It” Mirrors, via Architectural Digest.) Here and here are much more affordable takes on the look.

Speaking of random covets: How do I not have this in my kitchen already? And why are these not in my refrigerator? Goodness, organization is sexy.

Spring is a fun time to get a new handbag, no? If you’re looking for an investment piece, this (in peach) is my favorite from the list, but this is the one I should actually recommend investing in (because practicality). (If You Buy a New Bag This Spring, Make It One Of These, via Vogue.)

Wait…sorry…what? Can you say that again? I NEED TO HEAR THAT AGAIN. (This Actually Might Be the Best Summer Ever, via Vox.)

Beaming in from 2009! Madewell blazer; Hudson jeans (very similar). (Also, messy room, yeah yeah.)

If you’re feeling a blazer moment for Spring, this slouchy-ish blazer and this boyfriend-style one are my two current favorites – and they’re both on sale.

The Britney doc you haven’t seen, via Vanity Fair.

Burrito. Blanket. Burrito blanket! 

Oh, come on. You know you want Vogue’s opinion on this one. (Here’s What the Ladies of Sex & the City Should Wear in 2021, via Vogue.)

TL;DR: We should all move to Finland. (World Happiness Report Shows How We Weathered the Pandemic, via Greater Good Magazine.)

One thing I’m very happy the Pandemic gave us: Hostess gowns. (Lovie Simone Models the New Hostess Gowns, via Town&Country.)

The hostess gown I would want if I had occasions to host. (And a lot of money.)

“Hey-Ya” is an oldie. Sit with that a moment. (These 25 Songs Are Apparently Now Considered “Oldies” and I’ve Never Felt Older, via Buzzfeed.)

If you have a guest room, this is actually an excellent idea. (I Just Spent the Night in My Guest Bedroom – Here Are 4 Things I’m Changing About It, via Apartment Therapy.)

I hosted a show with this guy! (You’ve never seen it. It was cute.) And now he invented a new pasta shape. I feel famous by proxy. (Mission ImPASTAble: Inside One Man’s Quest to Make A Pasta Shape with “Sauceability,” via Today.)

Related: Just bookmarked this, because obviously. (Our 45 Best Pasta Recipes Of All Time, via Bon Appetit.)

we evolve mask army green

If you’re curious, these are hands-down my favorite masks. Comfortable, lightweight, and a tiny bit stylish without being in-your-face.

Hands up if you’ve ever worn an intentionally exposed thong! (2000s Fashion Is Making A Comeback – It Must Be Stopped, via BuzzFeed.)

A nuanced, interesting piece on the Teen Vogue editor who was fired for racist Tweets. (They Made Anti-Asian Comments. Now What? via LA Times.)

First dates that aren’t on FaceTime should have always been a thing. (What We’re Leaving Behind After the Pandemic, From Sweatpants to Alcohol, via Vox.)

If you missed the post where I talked about cutting back on drinking, I’ve since read Quit Like A Woman, and cannot recommend it highly enough, even (maybe especially) for those who are looking for more mindful and moderate drinking habits, as opposed to complete abstinence.

Costco: Does it every time. (Costco Has a Restoration Hardware Couch Lookalike for Under $900, via Apartment Therapy.)

For your weekend consideration. (The 13 Most Underrated Romantic Comedies, via Vanity Fair.)

Just omg, so wholesome. (75 of the Most Adorable Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say “Awwww,” via Reader’s Digest.)

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