How To: Layer Your Area Rugs

Gorgeous layered rugs in my friend Elise’s mountain home (full tour here)

You know the layered-rug trend that’s been all over Pinterest these past few years? I always liked the way it looked, but never really thought of doing it myself, because rugs (or at least the ones I usually like) tend to be expensive, and if I’m buying a fancy rug I’d like to see…well, all of it. But lately, my fancy rug is having a rough go of it. Since life has been more than a little exhausting lately, by the time dinner rolls around I am ZONKED, and usually just plonk all three of us down in front of the TV to eat.

I know, I know, TV during dinner = bad, but what-EVER. I grew up with two parents who worked full-time in office jobs, so dinnertime was usually our first chance to actually see each other; had we all zoned out in front of the TV while we ate we would have cut down the time available to actually interact with each other by half. But I interact with my children a lot these days. And I also really, really love watching TV while I eat dinner, and I am the boss, and so TV during dinner it is.

how to layer rugs in your living room or bedroom

Anyway, this post isn’t about my anxiety over nightly sit-down dinners. It’s about rugs. It turns out that all this eating-at-the-coffee-table is not especially healthy for my rug – not really because food gets on it; it just seems to be getting really worn out and faded in the area right behind the coffee table, where the kids sit. And this rug ages fairly well – the color scheme makes it look nice as it fades, but still.

I decided to go on a hunt for an inexpensive, sturdy rug to layer on top of my expensive, delicate area rug. I was looking for a rug that’d be hardy enough to withstand my children, and also easy to wash (meaning one that wouldn’t require the services of a professional rug cleaning service, because hooooly those are expensive). The problem: I’m really, really picky about rugs, and especially rugs in the central room in my house; I wasn’t about to throw any old thing over my beloved Lulu & Georgia. And then I stopped into World Market because I needed a wire basket to create some extra work-from-home storage, and there it was:

boho layered rugs in the living room

Bottom Rug | Top Rug

My layering rug.

Here’s what it looks like in the space:

boho layered rugs in the living room

World Market – and this is not sponsored – has really good rugs, you guys. They’re not insanely high-quality, but they’re definitely solid, and you seriously cannot beat the styles or the prices. AND they’re having a sale right now, where rugs are up to 50% off (my 5′ x 8′ rug was only $119, which is crazy), plus free shipping for orders over $150 with code SHIPFREE at checkout.

Layer up.

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