Ramshackle Glam’s Most-Read Posts Of 2020

Most importantly, 2020 brought us Opal, the Mormon Church rescue kitten.

I already told you what the 10 most-shopped products of 2020 were…so here are the 10 most-loved (or most hate-read, whatevs) posts of 2020. Turns out what you were most interested in this year (in Ramshackle Glam world, at least – I have a feeling what you were *actually* most interested in was whatever Steve Kornacki had to say) was beauty experimentation, homeschooling updates, and personal dramatics (always a hit).

Scroll down to find out what the Number One Most-Read Post of 2020 was. You’ll be floored.


This So So So Good Soup Recipe

The 10th most-read post of 2020 was about a discovery that – as with most of my discoveries – I made a good long while after everybody else.

I LOVE my Instant Pot. I especially love my Instant Pot Lentil Soup. Happy to hear that you guys did, too.


This Post About A Fairly Major Life Realization

The pandemic forced me to take my foot off the accelerator for a minute, and I discovered that – contrary to expectations and a historical reliance on anxiety-as-motivator – I liked where that left me. For the first time in a decade, I found myself wanting to simply live my life, rather than write about it.



This Post About "How It's Going"




This Time When I Fell Apart

Next up: A full-on collapse.

This was a hard one – both to write and to live.



How do you talk to your children about pervasive and terrifying injustices that they themselves did not create, but that they participate in by the simple and inescapable fact of their privilege?

This was just one of the many, many hard questions that this year forced us to ask.


This Little DIY Adventure

In retrospect, this pre-pandemic post where I reviewed Lashify’s DIY lash extensions was remarkably prescient.


This Video In Which I Tattoo My Eyebrows

Remember when you could get a beauty treatment that involved having your face be inches from a total stranger’s face for two entire hours?

…Remember February?!


This Post About My Skin Renaissance

One positive side-effect of 2020: I really leaned into my skincare situation, mostly because I had nothing fucking else to do. (Except work full-time while homeschooling two children. But let’s not quibble.)

All of this “extra time” (spent crying in the bathroom) led me to discover some truly phenomenal new products that have transformed this almost-40-year-old’s skin into the skin of…let’s say a 35-year-old’s. I don’t want to oversell it.


This Review Of the Amtrak Sleeper Car Experience

Hey, remember when I borrowed my ex-husband’s car to drive several hours away for a weekend of girlfriend therapy, and the last thing I said to him as I drove away was “What, like I’m going to WRECK IT?”, and then that’s exactly what I did? (I might have left the fact that the car I totaled was Kendrick’s out of the original story.) And then I had to figure out a way to get back home that didn’t involve a $500 Uber ride during a global pandemic, which ended up with me having my first Amtrak sleeper car experience?

At least the end of this story involved wine and naps.


This Post About Raised Garden Beds

Aaaaand the Number One Most-Read Post of 2020???

It’s the raised garden bed FTW!


This thing was the most-shopped product on my site all year, and also spawned the most-read post. Which is extremely unfortunate, given that the garden bed turned out to be…



Do not buy this raised garden bed.

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