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A not-so-little (to me) announcement.

Just the prettiest asymmetrical drop earrings.

Rocco & Roxie makes the very best holiday gifts for the fluffballs in your life (I cannot speak more highly of NoChew Spray, and my dog is f-ing obsessed with this thing.)

Speaking of dog presents: Squee.

Also related: Archie ate my mattress, lord save us. (I’m thinking about getting a Tulo, but am also looking for a new bed frame that doesn’t try to kill my shins every time I pass it in the night. Loooove this one, but eek it’s expensive.)

Our local elementary school is hosting a virtual holiday boutique, and there are GREAT discounts from lots of local brands – check it out here.

Fun factoid about yours truly: When I was in college, I worked for the newspaper and went undercover at Abercrombie & Fitch to expose their extremely problematic hiring practices, and ended up getting banned from the store when the article came out. I can vouch that all of these stories are 100% consistent with my own experiences. (19 Secrets & Stories From People Who Worked At Abercrombie & Fitch In the Early 2000s, via Buzzfeed.)

Breaking: Car freshener thingies don’t have to be cheesy! Or smell like pineapple! This very cool product by is currently making my car smell exactly like Christmas, as opposed to like stale Cheerios embedded in carseats.

Color Street nail strips are adorable and easy-to-use and come in a bazillion pretty colors and patterns. Stocking stuffer, hello!

This article put 2020 in a new light. Meaning: A positive one. Read it; it’ll make you happy. (The Best Things About the Worst Year Ever, via GQ.)

I hate my elf on the shelf

Mood from now through December 24: Elf-hating. (Parents, Put the Elf On the Shelf Down, via HuffPo.)

Aviator Nation’s sweatshirts and sweatpants are expensive, but worth it, IMO.  And for real, it’s not like you wear anything else anymore.

Whatever Oprah says! (The Best Books of 2020 to Pick Up Now, via Oprah Magazine.)

I live for Slate’s advice column, and this made my day. (The Best, Weirdest Dear Prudie Letters of the Decade, via Slate.)

Today in “You Know You’re Old When”: I am currently coveting Crate & Barrel’s bottle-brush Christmas trees. And all of their holiday decor, actually. The plan is to wait until the day after Christmas, and pounce on some sales.

I mean, I think these people are insane. But I have to admit it’s adorable. (This Family of Four Shares An Incredibly Organized 170-Square-Foot Pink Converted School Bus, via Apartment Therapy.)

This is the one skincare product I am virtually never without – it feels like HEAVEN. Click here to read about my full-on Pandemic Skincare Renaissance.

Need another sweater? Of course you do. Here ya go. (The $25 Sweater That Reviewers Say Is ‘Just Perfection,’ via People.)

2021’s color trends have “officially” arrived c/o Pantone and co., and who cares if they’re completely arbitrary: They’re stunning. (The Color Trends For 2021 Are Here – & They’re Bringing the Reset We Need, via Food52.)

I’m about 15 years late on The Office and only really got into it during the pandemic, but this was still a really fun read. (Why Do We Still Love ‘The Office‘? via The New Yorker.)

Cuuuuute. And legitimately inspiring! (We Gave a DIY-er $50 to Turn a Utility Cart Into a Festive Holiday Bar Cart, via Apartment Therapy.)

eggs baked with tomatoes onions and bread

My egg bake with tomatoes and onions is a pretty great Christmas morning option, just saying – but here are 21 more. (Easy Christmas Breakfast Casseroles to Make Ahead, via Real Simple).

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