Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff To Do (Because #Lockdown)

It’s funny, how we can think back and divide the past year into super-distinct phases. There was the “spraying my vegetables with Clorox” phase. The banana bread phase. The puzzle phase. The Zoom learning-curve phase. Something involving fluffy coffee that I never quite got into. That moment when all parents made carefully color-coded wall calendars for their kids, only to abandon them within the week.

I made ramen.


Really leaned into my Instant Pot situation.

Highlighted my own hair (mistake).

(Also kind of unrelated but omg remember when I tried to kill myself with a steak in the midst of a global pandemic? #goodtimes.)

…And now here we are, eight months later and fresh out of Stuff To Do.

Allow me to assist.


Verve Culture Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set

This gift set includes Villa Real chocolate, a hand-carved molinillo, and an authentic artisanal clay jug, and produces hot chocolate with unique aromas and incomparable taste (and if you’re wondering what the molinillo does, it mixes up the chocolate while making it super-frothy). YUM.


Kid Made Modern Craft Kits

Kid Made Modern’s craft kits are gorgeous and fun for all ages – but my favorite thing about the site is that you can filter by interest (“The Artiste,” “The World Traveler,” “The Author and Illustrator,” “The Fairytale Enthusiast,” etc). P.S. They also offer virtual crafting classes.


An Activity Book Or Three (Or Seriously WTF Is Wrong With Men)

Anxious? Of course you are.

In need of a digital detox? Obvi.

Pregnant? I mean…maybe!

Surely one of these will be applicable to every person on your gift list.



AirBnB's Online Experiences

Ok, this is GENIUS. Way to pivot, AirBnB! They’re offering unique online activities led by extreeeeemely unique hosts, and options include “Pasta With the Grandmas,” “Sing Holiday Songs with A Broadway Star,” and “Boozy Drag Queen Bingo.” Yes and yes and yes.


Craft Studio DIY Mask Kit

Craft Studio offers unique DIY crafting kits including Gratitude Boxes, dioramas, tutus (!) and more – but I especially love the mask kit as a timely stocking stuffer.


Monopoly California Dreaming Edition

This limited-edition board by celebrated artist Kathleen Keifer takes you from the Pacific Coast Highway to Route 66 to Sunset Boulevard. It also includes custom die-cast tokens (including a surf wagon) and a canvas-wrapped game board with integrated storage.

It’s not inexpensive, but (IMO) worth it for a gorgeous take on a classic game your family will enjoy forever.


Encyclopedia Brittanica All-New Kids' Edition

416 pages of gorgeously illustrated information on everything from rainforests, electricity and, genetics to wars, volcanoes, and climate change. My son has been using it daily for his non-fiction in-class reading time, and he gives it an A+.


Who's the G.O.A.T.?

Sick of Battleship?! Me too. Try “Who’s the G.O.A.T.”: It’s a truly hilarious game where each player picks who they think will be the best at a variety of bizarre challenges, then everyone votes by tossing their…squishy goat. Because of course.


KonMari Virtual Decluttering Appointment

Know someone who’s house has borne the brunt of 24/7 occupancy for eight months, and is looking slightly the worse for wear? Give them the gift of harmony (because, as I’m constantly telling my children – with varying degrees of success – a cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind).


Flex Factory Original Reflection Cards

The past year has given a lot of us copious time to reflect – and reimagine what we want our lives to look like. These cards can help solidify (and then manifest) those altered choices.

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