Holiday Gift Guide: Maximum Coziness Edition

Give me all the sweaters and twinkle lights and in-bed dining trays and give them to me eight months ago

As I said in this post, I’ve personally really leaned in to the whole “never leaving the house again, ever” aspect of the past year. Because really: If you ask me to choose between Sugarfish in bed, as pictured above, and Sugarfish in a crowded restaurant filled with strangers wearing things like high heels and makeup…ummmmmm…


Below are my favorite finds for making this weird holiday season just a little bit warmer – with lots of great options from independent and minority- or woman-owned businesses.


Vela Negra Candles

These stunning candles use black wax to dispel negative energy and provide clarity. Founder Aisha Cort based the scents on her Afro-Cuban and Guayanese heritage, and utilize vegan wax and ethically sourced wooden wicks. My personal favorite scent: Ashe, a Palo Santo and sage blend with a touch of cedarwood.

From $20


Knack Custom Gift Box

I loooove these personalized gift boxes – the products are fun, unique and high-quality…and the best part (IMO) is that they allow you to shop by ethos, so there are tons of options for gifts that give back, gifts created by Black and minority-owned businesses, sustainably produced products, and gifts by women-owned businesses. The packaging is stunning, and the prices are wide-ranging but lean towards very affordable. Total win.


Coalatree Hooded Camper Jacket

I really need to find somewhere to take outfit selfies that isn’t directly next to a trash can. But moving on:

This fitted camper jacket is light as air, but incredibly warm – perfect for the outdoor exercise enthusiast (or, ahem, constant dog walker) in your life.



Raum Goods Slip-Ons

These hand-stitched, eminently breathable slip-ons are made using super-flexible Water Buffalo leather, no synthetic materials, and a pure copper rivet at the ball of your foot to increase conductivity (not entiiiirely sure what that means, but it sounds lovely). For minimalist comfort, these are as good as a shoe gets.



Pure Enrichment Weighted Blanket with Heat

It took me a long time to get on the weighted blanket train, but I finally ordered one, and WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

The only problem: I own only one weighted blanket, and it is twin-sized, and both of my children insist that the blanket is *theirs*, which makes for some pretty epic tug-of-war battles with Mama in the middle.



Abroad Modern Wildcat Robe

These robes are hand-sewn in Udaipur, India, using a washable silk blend fabric, and add a nice little elevation to a Sunday morning Zoom brunch – especially love the hidden snap to prevent unfortunate peekaboo moments.

P.S. The story behind the shop is such a cool one.



Felina Cheetah Leggings

How adorable are these?! And I can vouch that they’re absolutely the softest and coziest ever.

$43.50 on sale



Michelle Morin Animalia Pajamas

When PJs are this pretty, #pajamasallday goes beyond a solid lifestyle choice to become a solid fashion one, as well.

From $48


2Modern Bed Tray

For those who have truly given up (*waves*). There are also lots of cool-looking raw wood styles over on Etsy, if you want a more rustic vibe.



Mille Alpaca Slippers

Let’s just all go ahead and wear teddy bears on our feet.



All The Twinkle Lights

And finally: This seems like a good year to go all-in on the twinkle lights.

Everybody loves twinkle lights.

Give someone you love twinkle lights.

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