Who’s A Good Boy?!

My rug died.

Or, rather: Archie killed my rug.

It’s OK, I obviously expected it; potty training has not historically been my forte with either canines or humans. Very fortunately, the particular rug that Archie killed was a simple jute rug that I didn’t expect to last very long, and that had pretty much been beaten to death already. But this room really needs a rug; it just looks so ungrounded without one.

And? Guess WHO’S A GOOD BOY now?!


You guys, I have taught my puppy to actually ring a bell hanging on the doorknob when he wants to go out. My experience with dogs thus far has been limited to Lucy and Virgil, neither of whom could be considered mental giants, so the fact that all Archie wants to do is whatever makes me happy is straight-up astounding.

Enter: A new rug. If you scroll down you can see all the options I considered, but what I ended up going for was Benchmade Modern’s Valencia Rug in “Light”: It evokes an abstract painting, so it’s ideal for hiding pet-and-child-related mishaps…and it is SO. COZY.

benchmade modern valencia rugbenchmade modern valencia rug

Look at that pile! And the mustard accent!


It’s a more classic style then I usually go for – all my other rugs have been pretty trendy and sculptural, but I love how it echoes the shades of the ocean outside and ties together the colors in the living room. Let me know whether you like it, or whether you think I should have chosen one of the other options down there???

Rug gifted by retailer. Thank you so much to Benchmade Modern!


Hyde Rug


Portola Rug


Hudson Rug


Lexington Rug


Bowery Rug

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