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Lue Health is a truly game-changing new startup that lets you monitor your health using at-home urine testing strips and a super-simple app that analyzes your results within seconds. Genius.

Turns out an oversized sweater vest is somehow exactly what I want to wear for fall. Weird, but true.

Harbor Cheese offers virtual cheese-tastings, with each ticket including 2lbs of various cheeses (!!!) and classes capped at 15 for an intimate experience. …Can I do this…tonight?

In olden days, when I still did things like leave the house, this iconic little beauty would have been my dream bag.

I’ve never really delved into Ina Garten’s oeuvre (apart from this highly successful Mac ‘n’ cheese, omg yum), but I think it’s time. (11 Ina Garten Recipes to Channel Your Inner Barefoot Contessa, via Food52).

I wasn’t aware that this was a trend, because #old, but I’m into it. (Cottagecore Is All Over the Internet. Here’s Where to Experience It in California, via LA Times.)

I’ve been all about the fancy nightgowns lately – this one, specifically. This is an interesting piece about how the trend speaks to class and privilege. (The Uneasy Privilege of the Daytime Nightgown, via Elle.)

le corbousier replica lounge chair

Absolutely in love with my (reproduction) Le Corbusier lounge chair.

Next up in 2020: This, probably. (Ancient ‘Terror Crocodiles’ Used Banana-Sized Teeth to Eat Everything in Sight, via CBS News).

Important news: H&M makes a cashmere-blend matched sweatsuit.

Um, there are ethylene gas-absorbing “apples” you can put in your produce drawer to stop fresh produce from spoiling before you can use it.

Blast. From. The. Past. Tell me you remember this?!?! (I Wanna Marry Harry Failed Spectacularly. The Contestants Remember Everything, via Refinery29.)

Finding the ingredients to make authentic Asian dishes can be challenging, to say the least…so a startup called Omsom (motto: “Proud, loud Asian cooking”) created kits with all the sauces and spices you need to make iconic recipes like Lemongrass BBQ, Sisig, and Larb.

lauren rust art drawing portrait

This stunning single-line portrait of my beautiful mama was created by @laurenrustart (based on this photo series), and you can commission one, too.

Labneh! FINALLY! (I use it to make an amazing salmon-couscous dish, but can nevvvver find it in my grocery store.) (16 New Trader Joes Products We’re Stocking Up On, via Buzzfeed.)

So…Amazon sells houses now. (These Amazon Tiny Houses Make the Perfect Backyard Office, via People.)

If you’ve never tried congee, please oh please do. (15 Rice Sides and Dinners You Can Cook in Your Instant Pot, via Allrecipes.)

Butter London’s jelly nail polishes are exaaaactly what I want to wear right now.

Next time you want an hour or so of joy, check this out. (17 Times Famous People Absolutely Nailed Their SNL Hosting Gigs, via Buzzfeed.)

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