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I Tried Lashify DIY Eyelash Extensions, And Here’s How It Went

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I have atrocious eyelashes. They’re tiny, and thin, and the kind of blonde that I wish the rest of my hair was because it would save me oh, god, so much money in highlights. If you’ve been reading here for awhile, you know that I’m a huge eyelash extensions fan – I first discovered them way back in 2013, but really went full-obsessive when my daughter was born, because I stopped having time to do anything at all related to my physical appearance, and found that eyelash extensions made me feel better about that.

I’ve more or less been an eyelash extension addict ever since, with the occasional break or two to allow my natural lashes to regenerate – because even though I haven’t experienced major damage from extensions, I’ve definitely experienced some thinning and loss when I go too long without letting them be for a minute.

Here’s what changed: I moved to Malibu.

And sure, there are eyelash extension places in Malibu, but – like literally everything else in Malibu – they are stupid-expensive. Because they are in Malibu. And when you live in Malibu you are a) probably very rich (I am an outlier), and b) trapped, with no access to society or places like Target without braving winding canyon roads for an hour.

So I finally bit the bullet, and did what Instagram kept ordering me to do: I bought Lashify‘s starter kit. Lashify is essentially a DIY lash extension system, with glue, application tools, lashes, and sealant (you reorder the glue, lashes and sealant as necessary). You can watch the video above for my thoughts on the process (and to see me do the thing myself, albeit somewhat poorly), but the TL;DR is that I adore them – I love having control over how full my lashes are, and love having the option to just pop a couple on whenever need be, as opposed to scheduling expensive fills weeks in advance. I also think I’ll adore them even more once I become a bit more adept at the process.

If you’ve tried Lashify, I’m dying to know your thoughts: Yay/nay? Any application tips? And, as always, questions are welcome.

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