On Those “Just Can’t” Nights

This post is sponsored by Red Baron Pizza, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Some nights a mama just can’t. 

Like the other day, here is a sampling of the things I had on my to-do list:

  • Drop off car at mechanic
  • Pick up car from mechanic
  • Have a slight fainting spell over $700 bill from mechanic
  • Bring in cracked cell phone (aughhhh) to get fixed
  • Create PowerPoint for Client 1
  • Create marketing strategy for Client 2
  • Learn how to create shortcode for Client 3 (nbd)
  • Spend three hours on the phone with very patient man teaching me how to create shortcode for Client 3 (thank you, sir, you were so very nice)
  • Drag out the holiday decorations
  • Toss the holiday decorations I don’t want to take to the new house
  • Untangle the holiday decorations I do want to take to the new house
  • Trip over the holiday decorations and almost break a very important bone
  • Repack the now-untangled holiday decorations
  • Write a blog post for RG
  • Organize holiday gift guides for RG
  • Do a photo shoot for RG
  • Meet with editor to pitch a new book

And did I get all of those things done?


Like. A. Ninja. 

But I think it’s safe to say that by the time I picked up my children from after care, I was dunzo. Except children who have recently been picked up from after care are wild beasts who have apparently spent the past ten hours being tortured and/or starved within an inch of their lives, because oh my god, the volume of the demands that issue from their mouth the second I open the door. 

Mom I want water Mom I’m hungry Mom I want food Mom I want candy Mom I want orange juice Mom I’m thirsty Moooooooooooooom.

Red Baron pizza

Enter: A Red Baron pizza, which is both perfectly crispy and can be placed directly in front of the television, to be eaten whilst watching episode after episode of Pinky Malinky (which, if you’re curious, is a show about a talking hot dog). You’ve heard me talk about Red Baron before – it’s our family’s favorite pizza brand because of the spectacular cheese-to-crust ratio (and I am a native New Yorker, so I know my cheese-to-crust ratios). It is also my favorite pizza because it somehow, miraculously, solves all of my wordly problems. It’s the ultimate Parent Win. 

Yes yes, it is good to all sit down around the table and engage in stimulating conversation over dinner. But like I said: Some nights a mama just can’t. And on those nights, you pizza. 

Red Baron pizza

Red Baron pizzaRed Baron pizzaRed Baron pizza

Red Baron pizza

(This was my piece. I ate some before I remembered to take a photo. It is truly SO. DELICIOUS.)


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