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A Little Fall Fashion Inspo From Yours Truly

Francesca and I were talking about “fashion these days,” and agreed that the overarching theme appears to be “anything goes.” T-shirts as dresses, grandpa sneakers, oversized earrings shaped like fruits…anything.

Which, I must say, I think is awesome. And I would also like a little credit for being an early adopter of this development, because please look at that insanity up there. I want to say it’s terrible – because it seems like that’s what you really *should* say about an outfit that includes shorts over fishnets, animal appliqués paired with faux fur, and a heavy dose of plaid in case all the aforementioned wasn’t quite enough…

But I actually think it might be the best thing I’ve ever worn.

And also perhaps slightly age-specific, because alas, I do not think that I will be rocking the cutoffs-plus-fishnets look to kindergarten drop-off. I will forever be grateful to the internet for preserving such moments.

Just for fun, here’s a roundup of some of my fall looks from autumns past.


Rocker Tees & Bellbottoms

I adore this outfit, and the only reason I’m not wearing it right this very moment is that my son stole that hat, and now it is his.


Floral Dresses & Combat Boots

This is a very “Reese Witherspoon in Fear” moment, but I feel like adding a sweater to the dress takes away any costume-y element.


Layers & Layers & Layers

Kendrick dubbed this my “Black Crowe outfit.”

I’ll take that as a compliment.


Knits & Denim

I like how the details of the top take it out of standard “jeans and a sweater” territory.


Belted Jumpsuits

There’s something so effortlessly glorious about a monochromatic silk jumpsuit. Very ’70s glam.


Oversized Suit...Plus A Crop Top

I shot this suit for a DKNY campaign back in 2015, but the silhouette still feels so fresh to me.


Leather & Snowboots

Another of my all-time favorite looks. If winter existed here, I’d be all about it.

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