Away We Go

Flying with small children always involves a fairly stunning degree of preparation, but flying with small children when you are divorced from their father and no longer have the same name as them and are taking them out of the country? That requires some next-level ninja-ing, right there. 

I have SO. MANY. DOCUMENTS on me. Passports. Divorce papers. Original birth certificates. Notarized letters (one for each!) from Kendrick saying that yes, he knows I am taking them out of the country, and no, I am not kidnapping them. 

And yet something tells me that I have a border patrol situation in my future. Let’s just call it intuition. And a basic understanding of the concept of historical continuity.  

Let’s do a little roundup of my favorite travel disaster stories, shall we? (There are so many to pick from. So. Many.)



Our Weird Little New Year's

…In which I get naked on a plane.


24 Hours Of Fun

This was the time that Kendrick suddenly stopped speaking for a very, very unfortunate reason.

Oh my god, it was so bad.


The Sense Of Falling

On a significantly less humorous note, here’s the time I thought the plane we were on was malfunctioning,and blogged about it in real time.


Holding Pattern

Remember when my two-year-old and I got stuck in the airport for fifteen and a half hours?

Yeah, I remember that, too.


Our Stranded Little New Year's

This mishap actually ended up being pretty great.


All Those I-Don't-Knows

On the surface, this is a story about being sick and exhausted and scared to uproot our lives…but what it’s really about is how very, very wise kids can be.


At The End, There Was Cleveland

And finally, there was the year of the broken foot.

Literally my favorite video ever.

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