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My Look, Apparently

Hell’s Kitchen, 2015

I think that I have, at long last, found my look. I mean, I’ve been wearing one version or another of it since 2015, but only recently have I realized that I should just commit to it and call it a day.

What is this look, you ask? It is a silky blouse and matching wide-leg pants, and so essentially amounts to wearing pajamas in public (always a solid life choice, IMO – I am at this very moment wearing actual pajamas even though it is noon on a Thursday, and if you’re wondering whether I wore these actual pajamas to school drop-off this morning, the answer is “Have you met me?”).

I recently cancelled my subscription to Rent The Runway Unlimited – not because I wasn’t into it, but simply because what I mostly wear during the summer is shorts and flip-flops, and I prefer RTR for more sweater-y, dressy stuff – which means that I am back to (occasionally) shopping. But because my financial planner is all over me with the “Don’t shop!” advice, I’m being cautious about what I’m spending my money on.

In other words, I only want to buy things I realllllly like.

bcbg sunburst brown and pink pantsuit

BCBG Top & Pants

And silky pantsuits? I reallllllly like.

So I bought two. (Sssh.)

The first you see above – I needed something to wear to my 20-year high school reunion that made me feel less terrified about the whole thing, and when I saw this in the window of BCBG I did a double take. And then, 10 minutes later, I owned it.

bcbg sunburst brown silk pants

The best part: While wearing the top and bottom together is next-level, you can obviously mix the pieces into your regular wardrobe – pictured above is the look I wore out to my birthday dinner the following night.

Zara pink floral pantsuit

And then, the next night, I wore Pantsuit #2 – a (relatively) inexpensive Zara find that made me feel like I was wandering through the streets of New York actually glowing. (I don’t have a better shot of it because #badblogger, but you can see the whole outfit here.) I mean it when I say never have I ever received quite so many compliments on my outfit from total strangers, including a verrrrry intoxicated girl in a bar who I was fairly certain was going to try to steal either my outfit, or me generally.

Oh, and? I’m finding myself reverting to the smoky eye/wavy hair look that was my go-to awhile back.

And there you have it. My look.

Ta da.

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