A Stroll Down Memory Lane: My Most-Watched Videos Ever

This post from October sums up 2018 pretty neatly, I’d say.

I was going to post a 2018 retrospective today, because that’s what bloggers do at the end of the year (right?), but I got five minutes in and realized it was too fucking depressing. Divorce! Crippling loneliness! Job panic! Almost dying!

And that’s just the stuff I’ve written about. There’s been so much more.

Which is all to say that 2018 can suck it. Bye, don’t let the door hit you, et cetera.

So in lieu of a retrospective, I thought I’d put up a selection of videos that – for various, sometimes wholly inexplicable reasons – appear to be my all-time most popular. And then, at the end, I’m going to put the actual best video I have ever made in my entire life. Ever.

My 1998 YooHoo commercial got picked up by an It’s Always Sunny Reddit thread. Or at least I think it did, because otherwise I have no idea why hundreds of thousands of people wanted to see this.

Meeeeemories. There was a time, around 2012, when I decided that Ramshackle Glam should basically be The Mason Jar Blog. It was at this point that I made a little video showing how to dye mason jars blue, and apparently became The Official Internet Expert on Blue Mason Jars. Hey, everyone’s got something.

This is honestly just such a good hairdo. And you can do it! I swear.

Personal family classic.

Smudging is actually a really nice thing to do at the start of a new year. You know, if you happen to have a bunch of dried sage laying around. (…Which I actually…do.)

This isn’t the most glamorous video I’ve ever made, but if you’ve ever wondered what, exactly, a BBL laser treatment entails…it’s pretty informative.

Here is a commercial in which teeny-tiny baby me makes fun of a girl named Jane for committing the unforgivable sin of eating Frosted Flakes.

And finally, this video diary of the breast augmentation process. (I blushed through pretty much the entire thing.)

Now, as a New Year’s Day gift to you: The best video I have ever made.

As we barrel into 2019, let us all be this girl: giving zero fucks and living our very best life. Especially if that involves blatantly ignoring authority figures and rolling around on the floor wearing tulle.

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