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My All-Time Favorite Pregnancy Looks

I think my favorite time in my entire life, style-wise, was when I was pregnant with Goldie. I already had a two-year-old, so my style had by necessity relaxed into something more comfortable and simple than what it’d been B.K. (Before Kids), and pregnancy felt like it gave me the freedom to play around within that happy place.

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I had fun with accessories. I wore hats, and vests, and color, and fringed everything. I didn’t just throw on whatever was clean-ish and right there (ahem, currently wearing the t-shirt I slept in); I thought about what might make me feel beautiful, and then made it happen.

Pregnant or not, I think I’d like to find my way back to this.


The Favorites

This was my everyday go-to look around the middle of my pregnancy: a long, soft tank, a ’70s-style vest, and a floppy hat.



I bought this dress specifically for an appearance on a morning news show promoting my first book, and rarely in my life have I felt quite so chic. (It wasn’t a maternity dress – just a Zara dress that I sized up – but I never wore it again; something about pregnancy gave me a confidence with color that I don’t have in my regular life.)



My favorite maternity wear discovery: Hatch (if you scroll up to the top of this post, you’ll find a few current favorites from the brand). This is the rare company that creates actual maternity clothing that you actually will wear after having the baby.

Evidence: I wore that dress up there a couple of weeks ago, and I am all kinds of not-pregnant.


Comfort Zone

The number one must-have (in pregnancy attire, and in life more generally): a super-soft, long tunic that you can wear with virtually anything.

I wore this tunic into the ground. I still miss it.


High Heels & Tiny Clutches

If you click through to this post, you’ll see that what I’m wearing is mayyyybe the single most impractical outfit possible for a pregnant mother of a toddler to wear. But that was kind of the point: to have fun, and play around with items (like clutches that cannot be used to carry things like diapers) that I wouldn’t get to use for awhile after the baby was born.


Journey's End

Looking at these pictures – taken at a roadside Christmas Tree stand in Half Moon Bay the before my daughter was born – makes me tear up every time. I like the outfit, but more than that I love how clearly ready I was to meet her. You can see it, I think.

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