Just A Few Of The Loveliest Bathtubs I Ever Did See

I want to live in this bathroom. (Buy a similar tub here.)

You know what’s happening back at my house right now? We’re just about done with the hallway bathroom renovation – we’re just waiting on the floor tiles to finish it up and show you the “after” – and so I figured it was time to add another project (you know, to keep life spicy).

So? On to the other bathroom it is; a significant portion of my house is being ripped to pieces as we speak.

I once read an article in a decor magazine that said that people who are redecorating tend to neglect places like the master bathroom and the master bathroom, instead focusing on “public” spaces like the living room and kitchen, even though the bedroom and bathroom are where we spend a ton of our time when we’re at home. Since we moved in I’ve done a few things to our (seeeeeriously small, dark and dated) bathroom to improve it – I painted it pink, for example, and epoxied the tile and floor – but still: it’s not good. I don’t even really use it anymore; I’ve essentially moved into the hallway bathroom, just because I so dislike getting ready in that cramped space.

Aaaaaanyway, what I decided to do with this bathroom is open it up: take out walls wherever I can, rip out the closet that takes up half of the available space, and make it as bright and spacious as possible. I know I want to put mint-green tile in this style all over the floor and up the back wall. I know I want the toilet to not be next to the bathtub (seriously, why is this a design element of every bathroom in the world?). I know that I want a bathtub that’s a bit statement-making, because if you’re putting in a bathtub you might as well put in an awesome one. But that’s kind of all I know, because our bathroom is so bad that virtually everything I see that might improve it looks like the best idea ever.

most beautiful and unusual bathroom bathtub ideas

GLORIOUS. (Buy a similar tub here, and a similar live-edge bath board here.)

So given that I’m basically starting with an open, tiled space (THE POSSIBILITIES!) I have two ideas: 1) A massive, freestanding statement tub (copper or nickel or unusual and amazing in some other way), or 2) A smallish Japanese soaking tub (have you ever heard of these? I had not, and now I’m obsessed) plus an open wall-mounted shower next to it.

I’ve spent many, many hours bopping around on the internet staring at tubs and tub fillers and shower heads and such, because to me it (literally) does not get more fun than virtual fixture shopping, and I thought I’d show you my absolute favorite finds in the arena of bathtub and bathtub-related things. Some of these are serious contenders for our renovation, and others are there because they’re just insanely cool and I needed to show them to you, and because the post I put up asking about bathroom vanities really did decide it for me (THANK YOU), I’d love to get your thoughts.

Help a fellow bath-lover out?



Mera Acrylic Tub

This is as simple and elegant as it gets – but still feels unique thanks to the oval shape and high sides. I don’t see how you could go wrong here (apart from disappearing inside it completely).


Wagner Acrylic Tub

OOH. Let’s call this one “Simple…With A Twist!” (exclamation point non-optional).


Brayden Bateau Cast Iron Tub

I’ve never seen anything quite like this riveted iron style; it feels almost Steampunk to me.


McQuire Hammered Copper Tub

This tub is not cheap. It is also a piece of art.

(It also looks like it’s about to pounce.)


Anastasia Mosaic Copper Tub

This tub is insanity. Stamped mosaic nickel and copper and a double slipper shape and massive. It’s much too much too much, but also juuuuuust enough (for me, hee).


Siglo Round Japanese Soaking Tub

Moving on to Option 2 (the Japanese Soaking Tub + Wall-Mount Shower Option): this, which is my gut-instinct first choice.

A freestanding Japanese soaking tub isn’t something I’ve ever really even heard of – let alone considered owning – but it seems like it might be the perfect choice for someone who loves baths but isn’t big on the full-recline/overheating part of them (me). It’s also unexpected and chic and space-saving, and also simple and (for a freestanding bathtub) affordable.


Watson Hammered Copper Soaking Tub

This soaking tub – slightly slimmer and longer than the acrylic style pictured above – is DEVASTATING. Like James Bond, if James Bond were a bathtub.


Simone Polished Stainless Steel Soaking Tub

The realist (and mother) in me looks at this and thinks “FINGERPRINTS.” Also “I CAN COOK IN THIS.” The rest of me doesn’t care about either of those things.

(There’s a similar version in a brushed-steel finish that’s probably more doable for those of us without full-time bath-polishers on staff.)


Sebastian Freestanding Tub Fill

If I do go for a soaking tub, this fixture seems like the clear add-on; I love the sleek gooseneck shape and the modern hand shower attachment. (It also comes in polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze.)


English Telephone Deck-Mount Tub Faucet

…But fiiiiiine, I could be persuaded to go the vintage route.


Copper Bathtub For Tiny, Tiny Babies

This exists.

The end.

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