My Looks

That Time I Had A Personal Shopper For A Second

The #twinsies thing happening here was my fault.

Me: Faux Fur Slides | Sunglasses | Cashmere Turtleneck | Amazing Travel Mug

F: Floral Embroidered Denim Jacket | Sneakers | Sunglasses

Francesca came to visit for the weekend, and our plan for what to do was pretty exhausting and intense. Here goes:

We would wear pajamas, and mayyyyybe leggings if we were feeling fancy. We would order in ramen and Cheesecake Factory, and drink mimosas in the hot tub, and watch movies (please go see The Shape of Water), and focus mostly on expending as little energy as humanly possible. By Saturday afternoon we were doing pretty well in this regard, having left the house only to eat bagels and pancakes at a nearby diner, when she asked me what I was planning to wear to my meetings in New York next week (I’m joining Clorox to meet with editors at various publications to discuss their new Scentiva product).

I looked down at my outfit, which was an oversized white button-down and a pair of leggings with a tuxedo stripe down the side (and which was, just saying, much cuter than it needed to be for bagels and pancakes). “I don’t know…” I said. “Like, this, maybe? But…with heels?”

Apparently that was not an acceptable answer, because within minutes the check was paid, and we were in Francesca’s car, heading to the mall. She’s on a “no shopping in 2018” kick (mmmhmmmm), but this, as it turns out, is a very good thing if you are me…because she still wants to go shopping, even if she isn’t the one spending money. So basically what happened is that we went to Zara, and Francesca became my personal shopper for the afternoon.

It was AMAZING. Because she knows me extremely well, and knows that I don’t really do things like dresses, and also that if something is not comfortable I will not put it on my body no matter how adorable it is – but she also has her own ideas about what works for me that I would never have thought of on my own: a white sweater with a white knit pencil skirt; cropped suede pants with asymmetrical boots; floral-embroidered jeans with a massive, incredible, rainbow-striped turtleneck (SO MUCH COLOR, eeeeeeeek).

And then we went home, and she made me get out my luggage and put my new clothing into it immediately so that I wouldn’t be tempted to wear any of the pieces pre-NYC trip (because obviously if I did that I would ruin them). So what you see in these shots is what I wore instead: more or less exactly the same outfit that she was wearing, which I would say was a mistake but totally wasn’t. (What? It looked comfortable.)

Also important to note: One last thing that came home with me from our shopping trip were these faux-fur lined loafers, which are like the most knockoffy knockoffs of a designer style that I’ve ever seen, but which also are great. And $25. Strongly, strongly suggest you pick up a pair (or maybe two pairs, because you’re going to want to wear them all the time, and these are not the kind of shoes that will stay in one piece if worn constantly).

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