…These Are Different, Okay?

This is the general look I’m going for in our hall bath.

(Minus…you know, the space and light, because my bathroom is a cave.)

I’ve started working on our (first) bathroom renovation, and am paralyzed by the most ludicrous of decisions, so I’m going to have to ask for your help. I’m trying to pick out a white vanity, and I can’t do it: I’ve spent hours and hours scrolling through websites past bazillions of different options, and am super annoyed at myself for wasting this much time on something when I need to be doing other things that aren’t ridiculous, like going to sleep at a normal hour or finishing Fire and Fury. Except for some reason I cannot make a selection, because a) bathroom vanities are something that I have literally never in my life given any thought to, and b) oh my god, they’re so expensive.

(As are fixtures. Hoooooly. This is the faucet I would like – in brass, paired with this mirror – but I am also not spending that kind of money on a faucet, so if anyone has any suggestions, they’d be very much appreciated.)

Last night, while catching up on The Bachelorette (sidenote: my son and Arie at 5 years old are IDENTICAL, which is weird; another sidenote: Do we think that adorable girl who met his family is going to be a villain?!?! But she’s so adorable!), I got frustrated and asked Kendrick to help me.

Guess how helpful he was? Correct.

He looked at this vanity. And then at this one. And he said they looked exactly the same. I insisted that they were extremely different in many, many ways. He insisted that he was actually looking at two virtually identical vanities.

They’re DIFFERENT, okay? One of them has curlicues and distinctly different handles on two of the drawers. Jeeeeez Kendrick.

Anyway, help me?

The vanity is going to be next to a black clawfoot tub (oh yes), so I kinda want it to have a bit of a vintage vibe – but also look clean and polished. It also can’t be too big, because unfortunately a toilet has to go somewhere in this very tiny room. Can you tell me which one you like? And confirm to me, perhaps, that yes, these are all different (so I can then inform Kendrick)?





Astoria Grand Haslett 48"

Too much detailing? Or just enough to enhance the vibe of the clawfoot?


Virtu Tiffany 48" Single Sink

This is big – 48″ is the outer limit of where I can go with the space – but I think it’s so pretty. It comes with a mirror, though, which I don’t want or need. (And I know you can buy cabinet-only, but I do want the top included so I don’t have to go get a slab cut.)


Silkroad Exclusive 45"

A couple of my friends have said that they like this one the most because it’s simple and won’t distract from the tub and the tile – but that the jutting-out sink still makes it feel a bit unique.


Virtu Huntshire 40"

This is the one I’m leaning towards the most at the moment: I like the square sink and the carved details. (But it also comes with a mirror. This one’s pretty enough that I could probably sell it or use it elsewhere, though.)


Ariel Cambridge 43"

I think this one may be too boring for me, but the offset sink works really well for the space. And it’s simple.


Ove Decors York Vanity 36"

Of all the people I’ve shown this vanity to, I appear to be the only one who likes it. Which prooooobably means something (like “don’t get it”)?

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