Some (Very) Bad Takes On Some Pretty Cool Trends

Love the look, but methinks the coat is only cute on Gigi.

There are few things more fun than looking at truly terrible interpretations of the latest runway trends. Below, a few of my personal favorite you-probably-should-not-wear-this finds from the new spring arrivals…plus a take on each trend that you might actually be into (just click the “Shop” button under each image to see how I’d wear the look).


The Ruffled Top

This blouse is practically molting.

Maybe Try Instead: A single ruffle accent on an otherwise streamlined shape.


The Sock Sandal

“It puts the lotion in the basket.”


Maybe Try Instead: The shoe minus the sock.


The White Jacket

I like wearing white. I like wearing jackets. I do not like wearing white jackets that make me look like my child’s favorite snack.

Maybe Try Instead: Something a touch more streamlined (that just so happens to be L’Agence and 60% off, ahem).


The Gingham Frock

When a dress has this much going on, it is no longer a dress. It is a frock.

No frocks.

Maybe Try Instead: A shape that’s more structural than sweet.


The Deconstructed Blouse

Not recommended: anything that looks it was expressly created for an elementary school performance of The Little Matchstick Girl.

Maybe Try Instead: A sporty pattern in a super-cool shape.


The Flatform Sneaker

Gucci is seriously bringing the crazy with their footwear lately, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. I think I even posted about liking these exact shoes a few weeks ago. I do like them. I also like not having broken ankles.

Maybe Try Instead: A pair less likely to result in damage to your person (or to your bank account).



The fact that the “complete the look” suggestion for this particular pair of pants is a top that covers them up entirely says a lot.

Maybe Try Instead: A deconstructed cargo pant from the same brand that makes a similarly major statement, but in a much more flattering way.


The "Statement" Earring

The lady on the left pretty much sums up how I feel about this particular trend. The only statement I see here is “I may or may not be growing a plant out of my cheek.”

Maybe Try InsteadAn asymmetrical pair with all the drama and none of the icks.


The Newsboy Cap

I would like to say that I am officially not on board with newsboy caps being a thing again, but what Anna Wintour says goes. …I guess.

Maybe Try Instead: If you must do this to your head, at least do it with Eugenia Kim.

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