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 MommyNearest says you should buy The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People “the very first day you see a pink line on the pee test.” (I have to agree.)

 I would like to own this bikini, please. (Free shipping!)

 Party goals. (This Little Girl Wanted A Poop-Themed Party, So Her Parents Threw Her One, via HuffPo.)

Just ordered these outdoor throw pillows for my patio, because palm trees.

 My obsession with Wildfox sweatshirts is well-documented here, and I need to add this one to the list of favorites.

 I recently replaced all the hardware in my kitchen with these knobs and these handles (you can see the whole kitchen makeover here), but the original plan was to use these marble and resin ones. They ended up being too big for our kitchen cabinets – but they’re so, so gorgeous that I had to keep a few to use elsewhere in our house (on our bathroom cabinets and wall closets). Seriously, they look like they have tiny galaxies floating inside them. Gorgeous.

It’s the last day for free site-wide framing at Gray Malin! You need this print, because it has naked people in it.

 Today in Shoes I Don’t Think I Need: these.

 I take so many vitamins now, because Francesca hassled me about taking vitamins until I bought a bunch just to make her stop. And also, okay, because I probably should. At the moment, I’m taking fish oil, B-12, Vitamin D, a probiotic, and Lumity vitamins (which are specifically geared towards anti-aging).

 Canada gets all the good stuff these days. Like sane heads of state and ice villages. (14,000 Year-Old Ice Village Discovered In Canada, via CNN.)

 I am fresh out of money to spend on this home makeover I’ve been working on these past few weeks, but I may have to figure out a way to pick up this finishing touch, because it is perfect.

how to make an easy plant hanger with twine or rope

 I googled “macrame plant hanger,” realized that I have zero macrame skills, and decided to do this instead. It’s literally four pieces of coconut rope that I twisted at the bottom of the pot and then tied together at the top. And so it doesn’t get it’s own post, but it’s cute enough that I thought I’d leave it here.

Hi, perfect denim jacket.

 I know this man committed a crime and all, but I think he may be my hero. (Rapper Arrested After Dramatic Dine-and-Dash In Ocean, via Time.)

 The pink moon is tonight! Rose for everyone!

 Everlane just launched a whole bunch of new pieces for spring (including the Day Heel, which is already almost sold out – I don’t love it, but apparently everyone else does).

 Buzzfeed quizzes are usually pretty accurate, but this one said I’m a PhD candidate. Hm. (Pick An Outfit From Eileen Fisher And We’ll Tell You Where You Are In Your Life, via Buzzfeed.)

 OK, so I was a commercial actress for years, and I definitely stood on soundstages and recited the lines that were given to me with next to no thought of whether they reflected my actual feelings about the product (KFC Chicken Caesar wraps are not, in fact, so delicious that I want to eat them in mass quantities whilst frolicking on the beach with my girlfriends). But Kendall Jenner isn’t an actress; she’s a personality and a brand. And so although I would ordinarily lay the blame for this mess firmly on the shoulders of the company who put it together, I do think there should have been a point where she said, “Wait. What am I – not Pepsi, but me personally – saying with this?” Everyone screws up, but saying, “Oh man, I really screwed up,” goes a long way. (Pepsi Pulls Ad Accused Of Trivializing Black Lives Matter, via NY Times.)

 Related: The Kendall Jenner Pepsi Creative Brief, via Medium.

 Because even hearing the word “Coachella” makes me feel old, but I still like the desert. (What To Do In Palm Springs Besides Coachella, by Lilit Marcus for CNN.)

 Here is a one-shoulder, loose black dress with a ruffle across the neckline. For $72. I dunno, it just seemed like something I should let you know about.

 FYI: Shopbop’s “Event Of The Season” sale starts on 4/12. My suggestion: browse the SoCal collection. (Get 25% off orders of $500 or more and 20% off orders under $500 with code EVENT17.)

 Sean Spicer is trolling us now, right? (Sean Spicer Claims Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons, via HuffPo.)

jordan reid striped sweater from h&m

 For those who asked, this sweater (pictured on my IG) is from H&M and yes, it is indeed quite perfect. I’m pretty sure it’s this one, but because I can’t find any identifying details beyond “striped top,” I can’t be 100% certain.

I haven’t worn a headband since the fifth grade, but this is making me reconsider that choice.

 Oh my god. Oh my goddddd. I blocked this for years, but NOW I REMEMBER AND WILL NEVER FORGET. (For Everyone Who’s Still Fucked Up Over That Story About The Girl With The Green Ribbon Around Her Neck, via Buzzfeed.)

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