Just A Few Tattoos

The stories behind all my tattoos are here, if you’re interested.

I’m not particularly feeling a new tattoo at the moment – I went through a rash of tattoo-and-piercing-getting a few months back, and think I probably need to slow it down for a minute – but I’m always thinking about what I might want my next one to be. And since my birthday gift to my dad was a session with an amazing NYC tattoo artist (which ahem ahem ahem I kind of thought was the coolest gift ever), I spent a lot of time scrolling around on the internet helping him search for ideas. In the process, I found oh, so many ones that weren’t quiiiiite what Dad had in mind – he ended up going for a fine-line drawing of his 1963 Fender bass guitar – but that I saved to my Pinterest anyway. You know, for later.

…And now I kind of want a new tattoo.

Damm it.

nothing happens until something moves tiny tattoo

This is beautiful. And true. 

tiny tattoos for women on ribcage and hand

It’s not any of these tattoos that I specifically love; more their placement. Also hello, cute rings. 

fine line abstract tattoo of person thinking

How gorgeous is this abstract? 

small crossed arrows tattoo on back of arm

I’m fairly certain that Kaitlin Bristowe (the Canadian Bachelorette) had a similar tattoo to this in a similar spot, which means there are twenty million people who now have it, too. But still: so pretty.

three triangles black white and red abstract tattoo

This is totally not my style; just leaving it here because I’ve never seen anything like it, and on the right person it’d be amazing.

tiny three stars tattoo in fine line

This actually reminds me of the tattoo I have on my arm (albeit much simpler and more elegant).

tiny sun moon stars tattoos on fingers

So cute. Done with a finer line, these would be stunning.

tiny oh yes I can tattoo

And last of all: my favorite.

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