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For those who asked about my star sneakers: they’re Golden Goose Superstars, and they are way too expensive. If you love them as much as I do, I suggest you do as I did: set up an alert on TheRealReal so that when a lightly-used pair in your size magically appears, it then becomes yours.

Apparently many women drink white wine almost exclusively, and significantly more than men. Why? …Because it’s delicious, and we have good taste? (Why Women Drink More White Wine, via Wall Street Journal.)

You may recognize the exhausted family in #7. (15 Ways Life Seriously Changes With Baby Number Two, via BabyGaga.)

“It is torture by definition.” This piece, which contains the accounts of men who have spent years, even decades, in solitary confinement is one of the most compelling – and disturbing – articles I have ever read, period. (Buried Alive, via GQ.)

I keep meaning to write a more extensive post about this, but in the meantime, if you have lunchbox-aged kids, you need to own this.

Emma Watson takes baths so she can condition her pubic hair. I just take them so no one tells me to make them a waffle for a minute. (Emma Watson’s Beauty Routine, In Her Words, via Into The Gloss.) P.S. If you’re curious, the product that she uses is called “Fur Oil,” which is amazing.

Speaking of Emma Watson, she said that this cold and flu soak is “the ultimate” if you’re sick, and as I am presently a big ball of sniffles. Ordered. Excited.

I’ve always been a big fan of Claire V. pouches (and have written about the leopard one here fifty or sixty times). This new striped, version is just too cute, and I love the idea of a sporty pattern on an elegant clutch.

Meet the most stylish tourist tee ever.

In celebration of the fact that Ben & Jerry’s is giving us permission to eat ice cream for breakfast, a throwback to my own Frosted Flakes moment.

Start a daily mental health tracker, learn what “intersectional feminism” is, file your damn taxes, and more. (15 Charts For Anyone Trying To Be A Better Adult This Month, via Buzzfeed.)

This infographic lays out the how to take the perfect nap. I’ll keep this in mind next time I…oh, right.

I ALWAYS WONDERED. (The Truth About That White Stuff Oozing Out Of Your Salmon, via Huffington Post.)

Enough of you recommended that I buy this thing to deal with my neck pain that I did, despite the fact that it looks something I’m pretty sure I recognize from my grandmother’s house, which is depressing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My parents and I took a wine-and-painting class at The Painting Lounge while I was visiting last weekend and now wine-and-painting classes are a thing I need to do regularly, because it was weirdly fun. Like SO fun. The funnest.

“I do feel the need to do well as a sort of ambassadorship on behalf of fat girls everywhere,” Fancy Feast explains. “Which is a joy, and a piece of shit burden.” This woman is glorious inside and out. (Meet Fancy Feast, The Burlesque Performer Who Named Herself After Cat Food, via Huffington Post.)

A little over a year after my kids first got their Micro Kickboards (video here), they remain one of the all-time most-loved-and-used things in the house (I also, as it turns out, love to scoot, and keep stealing Kendrick’s for myself). Recommended. (And if you’re curious, my daughter has the Mini (which converts from a ride-on into a scooter), my son has the Maxi, and Kendrick has the Micro White.)

YES, Nike. (Nike Reveals The “Pro Hijab” For Muslim Athletes, via NY Times.)

15 thoughts on parenting and feminism from a national treasure (one of my favorites: teach her that not everybody has to like her). (Chimamanda Adichie’s Interview On How To Raise A Feminist Daughter, via NPR.)

Now I want to wear chinos with hot pink.

“So where are you applying/how did you do on the SAT’s/how’s the essay going/have you heard yet?”…on repeat. It’s been a couple of decades, but I still remember this being the worst. (How To Talk To Teens Awaiting College-Admissions News: An Etiquette Guide For Adults, via Wall Street Journal.)

The first rule of Shepherd’s Pie is that it must use up your leftovers in a very delicious way. The second rule of Shepherd’s Pie is that it must be extremely easy to make. And this one is even easier than that. (Apologies for the terrible photo – this is a post from way back in 2010 – but MAN this is good stuff.)

 The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People, pictured in seriously excellent company on one of our awesome Penguin Random House publicists’ desks.


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