Spotlight On: Female-Run Small Businesses

For International Women’s Day, I want to hear from you: what female-run small businesses do you think deserve to be in the spotlight? (And if the answer is “my own because I’m AMAZING,” don’t be shy.)

A few of my own favorite female-run small businesses, to kick things off (and I’m sure I’m forgetting…oh, twenty or thirty, so I’ll be adding to this list over the course of the day):

  • Domus: This NYC-based home decor and gift shop is run by two women who literally travel the world in search of unique items that bear the mark of the artisan who created them. It’s one of my absolute favorite places to shop when I’m in the city – and while not everything they sell is currently online (because the pieces are usually small-batch, inventory turns over quickly), the proprietors are great at making unique suggestions for any and all gift occasions, so give them a ring.
  • Su Casa Portraits: South Bay photographer (and frequent RG collaborator) Sue Hudelson applies her editorial background to family portraiture, creating images that are anything but ordinary.
  • Hippo: This Massachusetts-based boutique owned by artist Shelley Cardoos features a variety of unique handcrafted goods and independently designed products, and is all about promoting local artisans. Shelley also runs craft fairs in her town every week during the summer months, and is, in the words of a mutual friend, “AMAZING.”
  • Stripes Boutique: Owner Elise Alden (who also manages glam | camp) has curated an adorable and completely unique assortment of clothing and accessories for infants and kids – and makes many of the items herself. (The We Can Do It denim jacket, made by Elise and available on glam | camp, is a personal favorite.)
  • Free Range Mama: Artist Lindsey Stewart’s teeny-tiny paintings on Minnetonka moccasins are the BEST. For real, the best.
  • Gugu Guru: This one-of-a-kind registry site created by Monica Banks helps moms-to-be create highly personalized registries with unbiased product recommendations tailored to her lifestyle (and the service is 100% free).
  • Alchemy + Aim: This website development business founded by Brandi Bernoskie helps businesses and brands create and maintain a spectacular online presence…whether what’s needed is an entirely custom site, brand support, or simply routine maintenance and advice. I especially love the company’s emphasis on honesty: they’re not going to try to sell you a custom site if that’s not what’s best for your brand or budget (as evidence, here’s a post on the site about why you don’t necessarily need to have your own website). Love.

And now it’s your turn: Tell me about awesome women who run awesome businesses!

P.S. Just wanted to call out this initiative by 360i to help women whose voices may not be so easily heard – specifically those who cannot speak up for fear of of losing their livelihood – tell their stories. On Equal Voices, you can read women’s stories about why they cannot participate in today’s strikes and marches, whether that’s because they’re a public school teacher unwilling to leave their students for the day or an corporate employee who fears retribution from their boss – and contribute your own, if you choose.

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