The Spring Wardrobe Edit

I’m in New York City for the quickest trip ever, to celebrate my parents’ birthdays with dinners and painting classes and such, but no matter how short the visit Mom and I always seem to manage to locate time for a little shopping.

This time, I asked if she’d come with me to Zara because I’m officially annoyed with 95% of my closet -most of it I just don’t wear, and the stuff I do wear I’ve worn so often that I can practically hear my closet yawning when I pull it out. It’s never a good sign when you put on something – anything – other than a sweatshirt and leggings and your husband looks at you like you’ve just landed from the planet Vogue.

Most of the time when I decide I want to go on a real shopping trip – meaning one that I approach with the goal of finding things I need and want and then actually buying them – I don’t find anything. You know how it works: you get all excited to try on pretty things, and then you lock yourself in the dressing room and discover that your hair looks weird and your skin is a mess and everything you put on your body looks like it was intended for ownership by Gigi Hadid, and all this is totally just because of the mood you’re in but still: you leave wardrobe update-less and grumpy about everything. Mostly your hair. And Gigi Hadid.

Yesterday’s shopping trip was the opposite of that. I handed my daughter an iPhone all loaded up with Endless Numbers and Endless Alphabet (sidenote: parents of 2-5 year olds, buy these they are amazing) and, armed with a purse full of emergency lollipops, I zoomed through Zara. I wanted to buy everything. And so I brought everything into the dressing room, expecting none of it to look good.

And then, at the precise moment when my daughter started noticing that I was doing something that didn’t involve her (and reacting exactly as you’d imagine) I discovered that it all did. ALL OF IT. You have never seen a person with a yelling octopus glued to her leg try on so many things so very quickly.

Octopus notwithstanding, I loved it all…but this is a problem when one has something called a budget. So I narrowed it down. But still: holy spring wardrobe refresh.

(Please be aware that I did not buy all of the pieces pictured below. Just…maybe…like half of them.)

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Furry Slides

After I picked up a pair of these and set them on top of my stroller while I finished browsing, I had a total of six separate conversations about them with women who were dying and needed to know where in the store they were located.

These are ridiculous. I have no idea what to wear them with. I don’t care; I’m obsessed.


Crossover Crop Top

This top is only $39, and it is adorable: such a chic way to dress up a pair of (high-waisted, please) jeans or black pants. (Note: if you have a bra size larger than a B, the fit will be a little different than what you see here – on me, this top nips in at my waist and definitely gives the appearance of additional curves thanks to the crossover effect.)


Cardigan-Blouse Hybrid

I didn’t end up going home with this, but I’m still feeling like I made a mistake there. This thin-as-paper cropped cardigan over a striped blouse (it’s one piece) looks like the kind of thing I’d wear every single day; it’s as easy to throw on as a t-shirt and just as comfortable, but much more elegant.


Oversize Sweatshirt With Plush Accents

It’s a sweatshirt. It’s a teddy bear. IT’S BOTH.

This sweatshirt is honestly the coziest thing ever, and you will not be able to stop petting your sleeves. (Note: I bought true-to-size, and it’s a little too big on me even given that I like oversize things. Go down a size from what you usually wear; it’ll still be enormous and cozy.)


Contrast Platform Sandals

I’ve always toyed with the idea of picking up a pair of these, but thought they might be a little young for me. Then I tried them on with simple cropped black pants, and nope: they’re perfect. (They also are a nice way to get to be tall without having to actually wear high heels – and no, they don’t feel unstable to walk in. Go down a half-size, though.)


Embroidered Sweatshirt

love that everyone’s doing fashionable sweatshirts these days. LOVE. Thank you, fashion people. This one in particular has a great shape – cropped, with dropped batwing sleeves – and beautiful embroidery. At $69.90 it’s a little pricier than I wanted it to be, though, so personally I’m hoping this one goes on sale before sweatshirt weather goes away.


High-Rise Skinny Jeans

I bought a pair of these in blue denim because I’ve been buying so many cropped pieces lately that I really needed a pair, but I think I might love them even more in black. (Note: I went up a size from what I typically wear in these. Unclear whether that’s because of the spaghetti bolognese habit I’ve developed lately or because they run a little small. Just so you’re aware.)


High-Neck Contrast Dress

Omg I adored this dress. I felt very retro-chic in it, because somehow it made me look all delicate and elfin (and I am neither delicate nor elfin), possibly because I was swimming in it, but whatever.

My mother said it made me look like a Sister Wife, and put it back on the rack while I was looking in the other direction, then wouldn’t tell me where she’d put it.

I can see both sides here. Do as you will.


Striped Crop Sweater

Alright, I just spent the better part of this morning searching for where you can find this absolutely adorable sweater on the website, and cannot, and now I need to move on with my life. The “shop” link above will take you where it is pictured on a page intended to sell something else.


Super-Soft Batwing Sleeve Sweater

This is so soft.

So, so, so soft.

That is all.


Leather Flats With Oversize Detail

Here is another item that I adored, and that my mother would not allow me to purchase. (She said I looked like a witch. She will also be checked along with my purse next time I go shopping.)

I adore these, especially in nude. The oversize bow is amazing, and they look way more high-end than their price tag would have you believe.


Perfect Chambray Button-Down

This chambray button-down is just about perfect…and has a message on it for anyone who wants to pull your attention away from the very important matter of your Instagram feed.


And In The Non-Essential Category...This.

What is this? We’re doing this now? Please don’t do this.

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