Smile, We’re Like ThisClose

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In celebration of the fact that everyone in the world is happy on Memorial Day Weekend because we’re like thisclose to summer, here’s one more thing to be pumped about: if you’ve been eyeing one of the glam | camp blankets, we’re offering 20% off everything in the Spring Blanket Collection through Sunday with code MEMORIALDAY at checkout.

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And while we’re on the subject of Memorial Day Weekend, I thought I’d give you some cocktail and menu suggestions. Some of these date wayyyy back, but all are included in the category of My All-Time Favorite Recipes.



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Finally, here are two photographs from Memorial Day Weekend 2012, which we spent visiting Francesca’s family in Jersey, and which I am posting because Indy is a tiny little zygote in them and he’s graduating from preschool tomorrow and I can’t stand it.

Jordan Reid and family on Memorial Day Weekend 2012 Jordan and Francesca on Memorial Day Weekend

The cheeks. The duck-fluff hair. The massively unimpressed expression.

Cannot deal.

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