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Sand Jewels

{ Jet hematite and gold skull wrap bracelets, yes. }

I love the look of jewelry at the beach. I do not, however, love wearing jewelry to the beach that feels like anything other than an explosion of summery-ness. (Like, say, a heavy statement necklace. Or anything heavy at all. Uggg.) I want to wear pieces that add a dose of glamour to the casualness of the whole swimsuit-and-sand thing, but that are still light and effortless and stay where I want them to stay.

For the beach trip pictured here – Kendrick was away for the weekend, so I headed to Santa Cruz with the kids and my friend Elise and her family – I decided I wanted to toughen up my bathing suit with a pair of jet hematite and leather, gold-skull-bedecked wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson that look almost like cuffs, but don’t feel heavy in the slightest. I thought about wearing just one…but love how they look worn as a pair, so there you go.

And on this particular trip, I wore the cuffs with a multicolored bikini. Which was an accident, as opposed to a decision. Let me explain.

See, I had been all excited to wear these bracelets with a black bathing suit for a Biker Chic Goes To The Beach effect (or something), but I went ahead and made the massive rookie mistake of saying the words “We’re going to go to the beach today!” to my children. Why is this a mistake, you ask? Because I said these words out loud, and I said them before every single thing that needed to happen before going to the beach (including the buckling of seatbelts and the physical turning of the key in the car’s ignition) had been taken care of. And so what happened next was that I got to get ready for the day while also wrangling two small people (who, upon realizing that they were actually headed to the beach where there is sand and water, had skyrocketed straight up to Panic-Joy Level 10) into things like swimsuits and coats of sunscreen.

There was no “Ooh, what bathing suit do I want to wear?”; there was “This one is closest and I think it’s clean and EVERYONE STOP YELLING.”

Anyway, I have this vision of those cuffs paired with a strappy black one-piece, and I’m into it.

P.S. I also toted along the bracelets I’ve been wearing all day, every day lately (beachside or no), because I love the colors and the casual feel of them, and I wanted to take some shots of them in the sand. They’re the beaded rainbow set that you see in the photos below– not on the intended sand, but rather on my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter….because apparently she, too, is into the whole jewelry-at-the-beach thing, and within two seconds of laying eyes on them decided that they were hers for the day and possibly forever, thanks. (She even pushed them up onto her arm and wore them as armbands, which, you know: aw. Quelle style.)

P.P.S. If you’d like to pick up either of the styles pictured here (or anything else on the site) for your own beach adventuring you can check out the entire collection here and take 20% off of your purchase using code ramshackleglam20.

Family at the beach

Rainbow beaded bracelets for the beach Jordan Reid in Victoria Emerson jewelry Rainbow beaded bracelets from Victoria EmersonVictoria Emerson wrap bracelets with skulls Jordan Reid in Victoria Emerson jewelry

This post was created in collaboration with Victoria Emerson.

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