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:) When my friend (and glam | camp partner) Erin and I first met in person, I knew she had read my site before. But I didn’t know the whole story until some time later. I’m fully aware of the presence of communities on the internet that exist to slam bloggers (and me, specifically); that’s just par for the course, and while it’s no fun, it’s also something I understand. Getting to know someone who used to dislike me and mock my work – and then who, over time, became one of my closest friends – has been a pretty amazing experience. (How I Went From Internet Troll To BFF (And Business Partner), via Bustle.)

:) Really cute crossbody for a GREAT price.

:) Tear. (Farewell, America’s Next Top Model, One Of The Greatest Reality TV Shows Ever, via The Cut.)

:) This lipstick (in the Pinky Nude shade) is the one lipstick I cannot live without. My daughter, apparently, feels the same way; unfortunately she’s a little less precious about where, exactly, it should be applied (and in what quantities) than I am. Short story: I need to order a new tube now.

:) I want to do it ALL. (Mostly the spa in Napa.) (30 Things To Do In Northern California, via This Is My Happiness.)

:) “The simplest answer for me, when people ask me how I deal with criticism, is to say, ‘I don’t.’ I don’t look at it, and I don’t look for it.” If you put your creative work (writing, art, whatever) out into the world in any way, you need to what Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about the difference between “being in denial” and protecting yourself.

:) Free People does wedding dresses?! Bookmarking for my next life, when I get married on a beach.

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:) This little girl completely wins Halloween (via Buzzfeed).

:) Kind of obsessed with this recent addition to my living room decor (and you can get 15% off of orders over $250 with code CELEBRATE15).

:) “If you understood physiology, you’d know that the interior of uterus is external to woman’s body. Like inside of mouth.” Ahhh. So that’s how it works. In this #shoutyourabortion video, women hoping to destigmatize abortion read some of the Internet comments they received out loud, and it’s pretty amazing. (via Bustle.)

:) Goldie is living in this tank top lately.

:) I hate Twitter. It’s like a room full of people all plugging their ears with their fingers and screaming at each other. This is one death I’m cool with. (Why Twitter’s Dying and What You Can Learn From It, via Medium.)

:) This is such a great everyday sweater – simple, but with a little twist.

:) Learning to celebrate others’ successes isn’t always easy. But it’s always a good decision – for all involved. (How To Get Over Comparing Yourself To Other Creatives, via DesignSponge.)

:) If anyone clicks this link and buys the really not very cute item pictured, I will get a commission from my affiliate network that will basically pay my mortgage for a year. I just think that’s funny. (Don’t buy it.)

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