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Fall Flowers

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I love this picture; my son is riiiight on the edge of being a full-on boy who doesn’t want his mom to carry him around and kiss him, but right now? I get all the snuggles.

Also god I love this dress.

I’ve owned it for about a decade – it’s a Nieves Lavi that I bought at Intermix right after I graduated from college, and I wore it pretty much constantly during my at-the-clurrrrb days; it’s one of those dresses that I can just reach for and know I’ll feel good in it. And then, about five years ago, the blousy drop-waist, belled-sleeve thing started feeling a little dated, and I stopped wearing it.

And now?

It’s back!

My favorite thing in the world is throwing stuff out, but some things – like perfect dresses, even when they feel like they’ve fallen out of style for the time being – are worth holding on to.

Speaking of fall florals – of which I think my dress is a pretty great example – this is what I would like to wear right now:

Autumn Florals

Romwe Sweater | Haute Hippie Dress (on sale) | Chloe Boots

I mean, I won’t, because it’s a solid 75 degrees here and because I can’t imagine what, exactly, I might do that would require me to wear a dress like that, but in my fantasies? Totally in sweaters and floaty chiffon things.

Also ugh, those boots are so good. Why, Chloe? Whyyyyy?

More fall floral dresses for your autumn wardrobe consideration:

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