…And Here We Are (Video)

We’re heeeeeere! We’re here we’re here we’re here.

I went a little MIA for the past three days because…well, because “busy” is a little bit of an understatement, but also because I didn’t have Internet. But now I do, whee. So I’m back! Hi.

I love it here.

So remember how we did a pretty crazy thing, buying a house we’d never actually set foot in? (As a reminder, I flew out to look at houses in March but lost the bidding war on the house we put an offer on, so our broker did FaceTime videos with me so that I didn’t have to keep flying out to continue our house-hunt.) Well, we didn’t stop there: I ended up hiring a flooring professional and painter I found on Thumbtack and working with him remotely to do a whole bunch of work on the place before we even arrived. (Obviously I videotaped the whole thing, with lots of before and after shots.)

I’m so excited for you to see it! I have about ten zillion ideas for things I want to do with the house, so please, if you have any right-off-the-bat suggestions, let me know.

P.S. FYI, the floors are a similar shade to these (I can’t do the precise link because my flooring guy found them from an independent source, but this is the sample I gave him to match so it should be pretty close), and the walls are Valspar Reserve Du Jour (white) and Silver Dust (pale grey), both available at Lowe’s.

P.P.S. If you missed the first three videos in my Thumbtack series, here they are:

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