The Classics

There are some pieces that a closet just has to have: the workhorses of your wardrobe, those items – a perfect denim jacket, a slouchy grey sweater, a black bootie that goes with everything you own – that you pull out of your closet so often that their cost-per-wear ends up going down to something like one-ninetieth of a cent.

And it’s not necessarily about spending a ton of money on these items; it’s about finding pieces that you not only love, but that work for your life – that you don’t have to think about, but can just throw on and know that you’ll look (and feel) good. As an example, two of the pieces in my closet that I wear constantly are a three-hundred dollar pair of leather leggings…and a twelve-dollar cardigan from Forever21. Both excellent investments not because they’re “bang for the buck” or whatever, but just because they get worn. A lot. And because I love them.

All of the pieces pictured above would get worn over and over and over…and look spectacular no matter where they went. (The best news? Nordstrom is having a major sale at the moment, and every single thing up there – from that gorgeous white blouse to that awesome tweed blazer to that totally dress-up-able pair of Current/Elliot sweats that I would like to own yesterday – is at least 40% off.)

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