My Looks

Like Crazy

Sometimes you have to get a little crazy with it, no?

What I wore to shoot some images for InStyle and Gold Toe (another look is coming up in a few weeks): all sorts of crazy stuff, from leather short shorts to argyle socks pulled up to there to a pair of suede heels in the most to-die-for shade ever. (Seriously, I wasn’t sure those heels would go with a whole lot, but I’ve been wearing them constantly these past couple of weeks, with everything in my closet).

(If you’d like to try the shorts-and-heels combo in a sightly less HELLO HERE ARE MY LEGS way, try layering a pair of opaque black tights under the socks for a little extra coverage and warmth.)

argyle socks

leather scarf

gold toe socks

leather shorts

(Kendrick called this my “One Million Years BC Pose.” Maybe next time I’ll try a fur bathing suit.)

On Me: Socks ℅ Gold Toe; Tatiana Pumps ℅ Nine West; BooHoo Faux Leather Shorts; Amber Kane Scarf; Tom Ford Glasses; J.Crew Purse; Vintage Jewelry.

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